Monday, May 9, 2011

Book Review- Eona

Eon is now Eona, the Mirror Dragoneye - one of just two surviving Dragoneyes, the human links to the twelve energy dragons and their power. On the run after the massacre in the Imperial Palace, she must find a way to restore Kygo, the dead Pearl Emperor's true heir, to the throne.But High Lord Sethon has claimed the throne for himself, and he is determined to create the String of Pearls, a terrible weapon that combines the power of all twelve dragons. Eona's only hope is to find the stolen Black Folio before he does. But first she must learn to resist the power of ten mourning dragons, and only Lord Ido, the man responsible for their grief, can help her. As the race for the Black Folio intensifies, she finds herself forced to choose between Ido and Kygo. Both men want Eona, but do they truly love her, or just the power she can give them? Eona must face assassins, savage battles, jealousy and betrayal to discover the heartbreaking truth about herself, the Mirror Dragon and the String of Pearls.

I picked up the first book Eon: The Last Dragoneye, a couple months ago and upon reading it, I fell in love with the story. I've always been fascinated by Asian culture so this was delightful to read. In the first story we meet, Eon who is actually Eona but disquised as a boy. She is has a lame hip that resulted from a injury and has been rescued from the salt feilds to train under a Dragoneye in hopes that she'll become one herself. But no female is allowed to become a Dragoneye. So when the Mirror Dragon reappears after five hundred years, Eona is chosen by the Dragon to become the Mirror Dragoneye. You'll have to read it to find out what happens next. 

So, back to the second book, Eona is on the run from the evil Sethon and she must not only keep the true Emperor, Kygo, alive but she must learn how to master her powers. Knowing this, she with the help of her awesome friends rescues traitorous Lord Ion. Along with the help of Dela, they are able to decipher some of the Women's Script in the red folio and they discover even more fightening questions rather then answers. And deep down in her heart, Eona knows the answers lie in the black folio. The folio is basically pure evil and drives the holder to insanity and death. Besides trying to learn how to use her powers and stop Sethon from killing Kygo and everyone she loves, she discovers new abilities not linked to her dragon powers that are frightening and devasting at the same time. The end has a surpirsing twist, and although it wasn't the ending I was hoping for, it was however a good end to the novel. 

What I enjoyed: The world building and the descriptions. They are simply awesome! I could see the story in my head as I was reading it and I could feel Eona's emotions myself. I liked how we can see her struggle with her morals when she is faced with something that goes against them. She is a likable and realistic character who must decide duty over personal wants. The other supporting characters were just as good with their own goals and actions. And I enjoyed the surprising twists as I read through the story. I regret that I cannot tell you what they are without giving away a large part of the novel. I also think it is a pretty sweet cover!

What I didn't really enjoy as much: I didn't really like how Ryko basically hate Eona at every turn. While I do understand his reasoning, I thought it was a little bit much. Although I will give him the credit of being a loyal friend to the end. I would have also liked to learn more about Eona's mother and her family. While Lilla did appear later on in the book, I was disappointed when we didn't see more of her. I also was hoping to see Ido give Eona more lessons in how to use her powers. I do not think she had enough lessons in order to control her powers. I wasn't really thrilled by the fact that Eona and Ido's powers worked strongly through lustful feelings and actions. Not only that but the love triangle was somewhat of a turn off since we see so many love triangle in YA novels today. But then, it really isn't much of a love triangle since she is not in love with Ido.

Overall: I really enjoyed the novel and I highly recommend it! And this and the first one are certainly on my favorite books list! I'll give it a five star. Note: If you haven't read the first one, read it before starting Eona.

When you read books, what do you like to see the most of (character-driven plots, romance, action, mystery, etc)? Do you ever judge a book by the cover? What's a book you love but wouldn't tell anyone about it?


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