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Facts- Kitsune and Pocket Foxes, Part 1.

So this is one of my newest favorite mythological creatures, the Kitsune. 

The Kitsune are mythological creatures from Japan. Kitsune is actually the word for "fox" but in this sense it also means "fox-spirit". Kitsunes are normally seen as seductresses (as they're more commonly female) or tricksters but they have a wide range of cool abilities. 

I'm actually using them for my August Nano novel, The Messengers, although they won't be seductresses but they will be tricksters. Anyways, I've decided to give you some facts about them. 

All about Kitsune...
The most famous Kitsune probably from the 21-century that you would be familiar with is from the anime show, Naruto, in which the main character has a powerful Kitsune inside him. Another famous one are the Ninetails and the Vulpix of pokemon. Kitsune are related to fire and may posses nine tails.

Kitsune are actually related to a number of different similar creatures from Southeast Asia. They can be found in Korea, China, and even India. They are believed to have superior intelligence, long life, and magical powers. They are fox spirits (although they aren't ghosts but they're not actual foxes either) but they are not monsters. They are more like a demon/angel hybrid being that they can posses both good and evil.

There is several different ways to classify them and these ways are disagreed upon by many people. One of them is that they can be classified according to what element they identify with. For these elemental Kitsune, they have to have a connection to that element, stay in the area where that one is, and the connection gives them powers associated with that element. The area they are in will usually suffer destruction until they are forced to move to another source. 

Another way to classify them is if they're "myobu" or wild. Myobu refers to a postion that a court lady holds but it also refers to the Kitsune who serve the rice god, Inari. These messenger Kitsune are seperated by their gender and color. Males (called Osusuki) are found on the upper levels of temples or shrines and are black. Females (Akomachi) are found on the lower levels of shrines or temples and are white. 

Besides the Myobu (also called Zenko, Celestial, Heavenly, or Prime) are the Nogitsune (also called Void, Yako, Field, or Dark). These Kitsune are right below the Celestial Kitsune. Beneath those two are the wild or low Kitsune. 

Kitsune's power and age can be determined by the number of tails it has. A one tailed Kitsune (called Ichibi) aren't all that powerful. After 100 years, the Kitsune gains another tail and the ability to shapeshift. After that, every hundred years, the Kitsune gains another tail. When they reach 900 years and possesses its ninth tail, its fur becomes white or gold (Think the Ninetails from Pokemon) and some say they posses infinite wisdom. These powerful Kitsune are called  kyūbi no kitsune or Kuuubi.  

Kitsune may also gain tails for being honor to their family but can also lose tails for breaking laws. Some Kitsune train under others, from whom they hope to gain wisdom and favor. Some even go on quests or journeys. 

Kitsune are not truly good or evil. As spirits, they do not accept or understand the idea of our good vs evil and instead, they seek balance. Its the concept of right vs wrong that leads them. What they consider right or wrong depends on many things. Such as, the culture of the place they're in, what type of Kitsune they are, and many other things. They follow their own rules although adopting the morals of those around them. 

They are very temperamental though and are easily angered. If someone offends them (which is easy to do so), they can become evil, malicious, and harmful. But if someone respects them, they become polite, helpful, and kind. They also live in families and work together. Lone Kitsune will try to form their own families. 

As tricksters, they are known for seeing a weakness and making it own to others. If a person is immoral, they'll make it worse. If they're good, the Kitsune may still show a small flaw in them. Kitsune also have to keep their promises as breaking one might result in self harm. If someone else breaks a promise, they become deadly. Their own emotions can also harm them surprisingly

People must help Kitsune of their own free will because Kitsune don't like to ask for help (although Kitsune don't have a problem controlling people against their will if they have too). Those who earn their trust and loyalty will have a strong friendship with them. Freedom is very important to Kitsune. They don't like being forced into something and they have being trapped or bound. 

Next week- 
Kitsune and Pocket Foxes- Part 2 (Where the really awesome powers that Kitsune have will be discussed [anything more and this post will be super long!] and Kitsune possession. Pocket Foxes will also be discussed).

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  1. This is so cool! I've never heard of kitsune, but they sound awesome. I remember an episode of Avatar: the last Airbender (the TV series, not the movie), where they are visiting this underground library in which these fox-spirit-messengers are the librarians. That's what they remind me of, haha. :D Anyways, awesome post!

    1. I know! Just wait until you see the post about their powers next week. So cool! Really? Hm. Those might have been Kitsune or at least a version of them. :) That's even cooler they were the librarians though. Thanks!


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