Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Resource List: Japan

So I've decided to start a series on different topics where I compile a list of resources. This week I'll be featuring Japan (from the Heian Period to the Tokugawa period mostly).

Note: I started off a lot of my research using Wikipedia, but as a rule, one should *never* rely solely on Wikipedia. Its a good starting point and sometimes it has information on things you may have trouble finding else where. But its also a good resource for looking up stuff and finding out different topics you can look up elsewhere.

Electronic Resources: Websites
Costume History of the Tale of Genji

Interactive Brush Painting

Japanese Art

PBS- Enter Edo

PBS-Enter Edo- Resources/Bibliography

PBS-Enter Edo- Electronic Resources

Education: Asian Art: Resources  (On Japan; Selected College level and beyond)

Samurai Archives

Ancient Scripts- Japanese

Omniglot- Japanese (With links to specific forms of Japanese writing and scripts)

Behind The Name- Japanese Names

Electronic Resources: Online PDFs/Books/Textbooks
Women in Early Fuedul Japan (Book is not free although its fairly cheap for the downloadable book)

Online Textbook: Topics in Japanese Cultural History

Encycloedia Mythica: Japanese Mythology

Project Gutenberg- Japan (Queried Japan; Free old online books and papers related to Japan)

Britannica- Japan

Electronic Resources: Video/Pictures
Khan Academy- Japanese Art

A-Z Picture Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist and Shinto Deities and Mythology

Youtube-Japan: History of Japan's Ancient and Modern Empire

Youtube- BBC Geisha Girl

Youtube- Traditional Dance by Geisha

Youtube- Traditional Japanese Dance by Maiko

How to wear Japanese Hakama (looked this up cause I was confused how the hakama "pants" worked with a kimono).

Spotify Link- Memoirs of a Geisha Album

Spotify Link- Japanese Koto Music

Spotify Link- Japanese Relaxation Music

Devinart- Hanami Mai's Tutorials (These are drawing reference tutorials, but when you zoom in on them, they're also very helpful references for writers)

Learn Japanese 101 Podcasts

Printed resources: Books
Japanese Popular Prints: From Votive Slips to Playing Cards by Rebecca Salter

As the Japanese See It: Past and Present Compiled and Edited by Michiko Y. Aoki and Margaret B. Dardess

The Japanese Mind by Robert C. Christopher

Volume One: Sources of Japanese Tradition: From Earliest Times to 1600 Compiled by WM. Theodore de Bary, Donald Keene, George Tanabe, and Paul Varley

Volume Two: Sources of Japanese Tradition: 1600 to 2000 Compiled by WM Theodore de Bary, Carol Gluck, and Arthur E. Tiedemann

The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures by John and Caitlin Matthews

Twelve Doors to Japan by John Whitney Hall and Richard K. Beardsley

The Floating World by James A. Michener

Japan: An Interpretation by Lafacadio Hearn

Japanese Culture: 3rd Edition by H. Paul Varley

All-Japan: The Catalogue of Everything Japanese Introduction by Oliver Statler

The Penguin Book of Japanese Verse Translated with an Introduction by Geoffrey Bownas and Anthony Thwaite

Understanding Shinto by C. Scott Littleton

Anthology of Japanese Literature Compiled and Edited by Donald Keene

The Essence of Shinto: Japan's Spirtual Heart by Motohisa Yamakage

Religion in Japanese History by Joseph, Kitagawa

Folk Religion in Japan by Ichiro Hori

Exploring Japaneseness: On Japanese Enactments of Culture and Consciousness Edited by Ray T. Donahue

Landscape Gardening in Japan by Joseph Conder

Japanese Minorities: Burakumin, Koreans, Ainu, and Okinawans by Prof. George A. De Vos and William O Wetherall; Updated by Kaye Stearman

Cooking of Japan by Rafael Steinberg

Japanese Houses; Patterns for Living by Kiyoyuki Nishihara

Legends in Japanese Art by Henri L Joly

Tokugawa Japan : the social and economic antecedents of modern Japan edited by Chie Nakane and Shinzabur Oishi ; translation edited by Conrad Totman.

A daughter of the samurai Sugimoto, Etsu (Inagaki)

The kimono mind. Rudofsky, Bernard

Resources on Kitsune (Including this for the sake of all the research done on these fascinating mythical creatures)

Kitsune (Book)

Kitsune, Kumiho, Huli Jing, Fox: Fox Spirits From Asia

Inari and the Kitsune

Kitsune Japanese Myths

Foxtrot's research on Kitsune

Wikifur- Kitsune Mythology

Watt Martin: Kitsune- Coyotes of the East


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