Monday, March 21, 2016

What is a Word War?

So I don't think I've ever posted about Word Wars before and that's a great writing tool I've neglected to tell you all about.

Word wars are a fun way to get writing. All you need is at least one other person and a way to keep time. My friends and I usually go by minutes because we live in different time zones, but the minutes are still the same. Word wars are commonly used for getting writing done, but we also use it as a time to focus on completing anything that needs to be done.

Basics of a Word War
  1. Someone calls the "war" (i.e name your time): for example, for 20 minutes starting at :15 (as I am writing this). You can name any amount of time that works for you. We usually do it in segments of five. 
  2. When the minute time reaches :15, everyone begins writing or doing homework or whatever you're planning to do. And then for that 20 minutes, you're not supposed to do anything else but that one thing. 
  3. Once you've reached 20 minutes, everyone regroups to announce what they got done. If you wrote something, we usually share what we wrote to get feedback or to just share. We also announce the amount of words we wrote.
  4. (If you're writing) Whoever got the highest amount of words, "wins" bragging rights for that round. 
Word wars are just a great way to get yourself writing or doing anything that needs to be done, Its especially helpful if you're not feeling motivated or if something is overwhelming because you can take it in chunks of time and then take a break. And if you're doing it with a friend or several, then there is other people there for feedback and motivation. 
You could also do a word war by yourself, just set a time and write for however long you desire. But they're usually more fun with friends.

The main point is to just have fun, get motivated, and get stuff done.

So as long as you remember those three main points, you'll have a great word war.

If anyone wants to try one, we can start some in the comments below. Let me know!


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