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I'm a college student who loves reading, writing, books, and art. I started this blog to blog about writing and share interesting things with people. I focus primarily on other writers, but I hope a variety of people find my blog interesting and useful. 

My dream is to be a published author some day and to work in the publishing industry. I also hope to be a journalist or a graphic designer in some way or another.  

If you would like to see me blog about a certain subject feel free to let me know. Include videos, audio, and pictures if you like. But remember that your suggestion should be appropriated. Swearing, offensive, and obscene content is not permitted on this blog. 

Would you like to see a certain book reviewed? All kinds of books are accepted although books dealing with anything offensive or obscene, books with excessive amounts of swearing, and erotica will not be reviewed. 

If you are an author, publisher, or editor I would love to interview you or review an ARC. 

And if you just want to talk, feel free to shoot me an email or a message. I adore meeting new people and talking to them. We can talk about anything under the sun (or above it). 

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  1. Hi, Birds of a Feather author/s! As a fellow former Inkie who's on summer break and has been finding herself drawn more to the world of editing rather than writing, I've been reaching out to those who are serious about writing (preferably from Inkpop.) I've edited three Inkie books. While I'm not a professional editor, I take both reading and writing seriously. If you are interested in having one or two of your manuscripts edited please email me at quillandinkpot@rocketmail.com. I will be gone from July 14-August 3rd. Happy writing! :)


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