Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back from Japan!

Hello Birdies!
So as you know, I disappeared from this blog for a while because I was IN JAPAN.


It was super exciting! I LOVED it.

Although I made a Tumblr blog for the trip, I ended up not using it because I didn't have the world's greatest wifi over there. No surprise, but although I had a data card, I tried to use that when I needed to Google Map or translate something. So I'll probably delete that blog or maybe make post-trip posts on there about it. Who knows. I also made a Bonjournal for it because I like the idea of writing up my trip and exporting it as a fancy, minimalist PDF. So I'll probably do that actually too.

Anyways, I'll make another post about the trip later, once I finish uploading pictures of the trip onto my computer. I've been home for a couple of weeks now, but I've been really busy getting ready for my senior year of school, getting another job (cause you know, who needs a social life when they're broke?), and going to leadership training.

But be prepared for an exciting rest of the year of posts! I got some great stuff planned and I'm really excited to share my trip with everyone.


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