Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In the News- Heroes vs Villains. Oh, and a Painting.

Our First Villain Tries to Steal a Baby

A woman disguised in scrubs was stopped before she could steal a newborn baby girl from a Southern California hospital in a tote bag. Yep, she thought that a tote bag was the perfect way to carry off a baby. Thankfully the senors attached to the baby alerted employees who stopped Grisel Ramirez, 48. She was arrested at Garden Grove Medical Center and they don't seem to know why she wanted to take the baby.

Apparently she posed as a nurse, went into the baby mother's room and told her to take a shower before a doctor came. Once the baby's mother was out, Ramirez put the baby in a purple tie-dyed tote bag and tried to whisk her away. Many hopsitals apparenlty have security systems where patients, like babies, have an electronic sensor on them as either a bracelet or anklet that sets off an alarm when the patient leaves a certain area.

The baby thankfully wasn't harmed throughout her ordeal and was in the bag only for a short time. Ramirez has been identified as the woman who walked into a hospital in Anaheim last week to ask several questions about a pregnant woman. The  pregnat woman told police who put up fliers with Ramirez's picture on it. You can read the whole thing and watch the video, here.

Our First Hero Dies to Rescue Two Boys

Dr. Donald Liu, chief of pediatric surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine's Comer Children's Hospital, didn't hesitate to save two boys when they were swept into the water of Lake Michigan. The two boys were friends of the family and despite the dangerous conditions and protests from his own children, the brave doctor jumped in. While the boys made it back to shore near Cherry Beach in Chikaming, Dr. Liu, 50, didn't make it back.

After the doctor was finally found, his wife, also a doctor, tried to do mouth-to-mouth but it was too late. The Coast Guard had been responding to another call nearby when they got the call to come get Dr. Liu, but they were unable to make it in time. Dr. Liu is remembered for his passion for helping children not just at the hospital, but for being such a good dad to his three children. You can read the whole thing here

Our Second Hero Stops Villain Number Two
Juan Carlos Alvarez, 29, walked into a sporting goods store in Yuba City, California and held Allyson Taylor at gunpoint for hours. He eventually surrended to police outside the Big 5 Sporting Goods store with Taylor unharmed thanks to good thinking. After opening some dialogue with him about him wanting to see his daughter again and some calls from hostage negotiators, she was freed. You can read the whole thing and watch the video here.

Possible da Vinci Painting Found

A scottish woman, Fiona McLaren, 59, recently found out that an old painting her father gave her could be worth up to $150 million and be over 500 years old. After getting it appraised, experts suspect that the painting may be a Leonardo da Vinci original or at least, made by one of the painter's pupils during the 16th century.
A papal bull was found attached to the back of the painting and is believed to have originated from the era of Pope Paul V, head of the Catholic Church in the early 17th century. McLaren says the word "Magdalene," is visible on the faded paper.
McLaren says she hopes the painting is sold to a museum, and she plans to donate a percentage of the painting's sale value after it is auctioned.
You can read the whole thing here.


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  1. I saw that item on the news - the video of the would-be baby thief. Amazing tracking technology they have now.


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