Monday, September 17, 2012

Writing Prompt- disABILITY

That was actually a line I read in a magazine once about a girl who had a disability and she turned it into an ability. Anyways, so I saw an article eariler about a girl who was born without arms and how she's able to do pretty much everything with her feet. It was really inspiring. And now I'm following her youtube channel, (

Anyways, so tonight's prompt is to write a short story or a story/scene about someone with a disability who learns how to turn it into an "ability". For example, it could even mean something interesting like a woman who can't talk on her own (actually oney of the ladies in my writer's group has this. I think its quite interesting so I'm turning it into a story), or someone who doesn't have any limbs at all (like Nick Vujicic).

Of course it doesn't have to be that extreme. It can even be something like having back problems or breaking an arm or having only partial vision or feeling (actually one of the guys in my grade lost his ability to feel when he was little. I actually never knew about it until last year and I've going to school with him for four years now).


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