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Shout out to Jelsa Mepsey
So my awesome friend, Jelsa, is getting published by Winslet Press, and she recently just officially got onto their author page. So I'm sharing that here and her blog, on which you should check her out.

Music to Tune into/Multi-Media

Wesbites To Take a Peek At

  • Hogwarts Is Here- There is now a site where (for Free) you can take classes like you would at Harry Potter's Hogwarts and a whole bunch of other stuff. Now I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, but this is still pretty cool. I might be tempted to do this during my four-month long summer break. 
  • Storybird- So this site seems to have more kids in mind, but the concept is still pretty neat. Its a site where you can create stories using art or write stories inspired by art or whatever. It basically combines art and writing and lets you share it. 
  • Sound Drown- Ever wondered what a coffee shop, on fire, in the rain sounds like? Well with Sound Drown you can listen to that or any combination of a variety of sounds. This website is a nice tool when you need to drown out the sound around you and music just isn't what you need. 

Web Articles to Take a Look At

  • Movie based on OneDirection Fanfic- Yep, you read that right. There is now a movie that's going to be based off of a fanfiction between Harry Styles of One Direction and a made up "Tessa". The story, featured on Wattpad, is aptly named "After" and the following two books creatively named, "After 2" and "After 3". Besides the legal implications of someone making a movie off of a fanfiction, the ties between this and Fifty Shades of Grey (which is actually a fanfiction based off of Twilight), and the fact that there are millions of people obsessed with a band so much so that this is popular on Wattpad, fan fictions and other legalities that goes with it is something I want to make a post about.
  • Beth Revis on Wattpad- This isn't so much an article, but I decided to throw it in anyways. Beth Revis and other popular YA authors are now on Wattpad! Kinda cool, right?
  • A couple of posts about "genre fiction" vs "literary fiction" here and here
  • Another couple of posts about science fiction (and one of them relates to the whole "genre" vs "literary" debate. You can check them out here and here
  • This post is about YA historical fiction books to check out. 

Blog Posts Coming Up!
So here are some blog posts I've got planned. 
  • Book Review on "Dreams of Gods and Monsters" by Laini Taylor. 
  • Book Review on "Reached" by Ally Condie. 
  • Post about fanfictions and Kindle Worlds. 
  • BookTracks- A website where you can add soundtracks to books.
  • Kindle Singles
  • How to Use Pinterest for Writers
  • My take on "genre" vs "literary" fiction. 
  • And lots, lots more!


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