Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Interesting Facts- The Nine Animal Phylums

So since I saved my biology notes from last year, I'm going to share what the nine phylums of the animal kingdom are. 

First of all, what is a phylum? 

A Phylum is one of the major categories in Taxonomy (the study of living creatures) in which animals are divided. There are seven categories in which to organize the animals:  Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species (from biggest to the most specific). 

 There's actually a funny way I remembered those. So at the beginning of biology last year when we were just learning about these, I had gotten a henna tattoo in the shape of a fish with a cross in the middle at the state fair. And for some reason, I put one of the categories on each point of the tattoo so when I remembered it, I would tap that part in that order. 
I know its really weird, but I'm a very visual person. And sometimes its using weird tricks like that, that will help you remember things more.

The Nine Phylums

Contain pores (Porifera); lives in water, most primitive, sessik
Stinging cells; aquatic; tentacles
Jellyfish, hydras, coral
Flat worms
Tape worms; plamranian; flukes
Round worms (remember the Nematodes from Spongebob that ate his house?)
Trichira; hook worms, asckarid
Soft bodies; tentacles, shells (most); suction cups
Clam, squid, snail
Segmented worms
Earth worms, leech, sand worms
Many jointed appendages; legs; exoskeleton; antenna; feelers; claws
Insects; spiders; lobsters
Spiney skin; (ocean) water muscular system
Starfish, sand dollar, sea urchins
Backbone (notocord) (Cordata, Cor like in cord, or backbone like a cord); skeleton;
Reptiles, Amphidians, mammals, fish, birds, humans

So there's a nice chart that hopefully is easy to understand. In future posts, I'll explore each phylum in more depth (provided I still have my notes for it! Or I can find information on the internet about them) and eventually I'll post about human biology.

My biology notes


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