Thursday, May 8, 2014

Support the Kidnapped Girls in Nigeria!

Hey everyone!

So I don't know if you've heard about the kidnapped girls over in Nigeria, but my professors at my school are calling for letters of support and encouragement to the families of the kidnapped girls. It doesn't have to be long or anything overly done. In fact, you can just write a short email/letter and send it to me through the contact page and I'll make sure to forward it on to my professors to send to the families in Nigeria!

It doesn't cost you anything and will only take a few minutes of your time. All letters are due by May 30th.

 I know it doesn't seem like the most helpful thing we can do, but for the majority of those who can't fly over there and help look for ourselves or whatever else would be helpful, I think this is pretty good. Those families would really appreciate knowing that we care, even if we can't help them indirectly. None of us would like it if that happened to us!

What exactly are you talking about Sareh? Well here's some news articles to catch you up!
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Basically what happened is that there's an extremist terrorist group in Africa called Boko Haram. And this group kidnapped nearly 300 girls from a school and is hiding them somewhere in jungle and is planning to sell them as slaves.

You can get a full breakdown at this post: Your Vital Questions Answered.

Thanks everyone!

Edit: Some extra sources
Five Lessons from Chibok
Boko Haram: Who they are and what they want
Nigerian Girls Shed Light on Human Trafficking.
What's so Scary about Smart Girls?
11 facts about Human Trafficking.

Some Organizations to get involved with if you want to help stop Human Trafficking. 
Courtney's House
Polaris Project
Shared Hope
End Slavery Now

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