Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Japan Update!

Dear Birdies,
After doing much research into the thought of keeping an online travel blog and app, I made the decision to blog my trip to Japan on Tumblr. I made this choice because Blogger unfortunately doesn't have a very good mobile app and although there is a decent mobile app I've added this blog onto, it doesn't always seem to keep my posts updated when offline.

But since I've been using Tumblr for about a year now (you can follow my official Tumblr blog here), and knowing that it's decently easy to use and you can not only post a lot of different content easily (as well as reblog stuff), but you can customize it easily.

I also thought about an online travel journal/app called Bonjournal. And while it looks really nice and I love the idea of being able to download it as a PDF, you can only put in three photos per entry and you can only do photos and text. So while its just generally really pretty and has a nice PDF download, I like the idea of keeping videos, photos, text, and anything all in one place.

So I started this blog: July in Japan. You can follow all my updates on there if you wish since I'll be posting there as often as I can. I also have an official blog for the trip at the program's blog but since I'm not sure what all kinds of content I can post on there or how often, I decided to make the Tumblr so I can post as often as I want and post anything I desire on it (although I won't post anything inappropriate on it, but I like knowing that its mine to do with as I please).


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