Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wordy Tuesdays #2

So I've been wanting to do this for a while because I believe that learning new words can help us in other things besides writing. They can help us better express ourselves, understand others, and well, impress your friends!

And who doesn't want to impress their friends with their superior vocabulary?

Words from last week (*cough last time cough*)

  1. Lusus Naturae[loo-suhs nuh-toor-ee, -tyoor-ee]- n. A deformed person or thing; freak. 
    1. Variant felt like a lusus naturae when people made fun of her name. 
  2. Telesthesia[tuhl-uhs-thee-zhuh, -zhee-uh, -zee-uh]- N. sensation or perception received at a distance without the normal operation of the recognized sense organs.
    1. Juan was gifted with telesthesia, which allowed him to guess the answers to his test from reading his teacher's mind. 
  3. Ignoramus[ig-nuh-rey-muhs, -ram-uhs]- N. an extremely ignorant person.
    1. The kid who did not study for the history test was cleary an ignoramus
  4. Thaumaturgy[thaw-muh-tur-jee]- N. the working of wonders or miracles; magic.
    1. Harry Potter was knew how to use thaumaturgy because he was a wizard. 
  5. Tellurian[te-loor-ee-uhn]- Adj. of or characteristic of the earth or its inhabitants;terrestrial.
    1. Trees are a tellurian part of the world. 
  6. Antediluvian[an-tee-di-loo-vee-uhn]- Adj. of or belonging to the period before the Flood. Gen. 7, 8.
    very old, old-fashioned, or out of date; antiquated;primitive: antediluvian ideas.
    1. The fashion styles of the 1700s are now antediluvian compared to today's fashion ideals. 
  7. Ephemeral[ih-fem-er-uhl]- Adj. lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory: the ephemeral joys of childhood.
    lasting but one day: an ephemeral flower.
    1. Horse flies are ephemeral creatures. 
  8. Chimerical[ki-mer-i-kuhl, -meer-, kahy-]- Adj. unreal; imaginary; visionary: a chimerical terrestrial paradise.
    wildly fanciful; highly unrealistic: a chimerical plan.
    1. Back before the 1960s, the idea that man would walk on the moon was a chimerical idea. 
  9. Quixotic[kwik-sot-ik]- Adj. sometimes initial capital letter resembling or befitting DonQuixote.
    extravagantly chivalrous or romantic; visionary, impractical,or impracticable.
    impulsive and often rashly unpredictable.
    1. The extravagant decoration of the birthday hall was quite quixotic with the balloons that spilled out over the chairs and the glitter thrown every where. 
  10. Amaranthine[am-uh-ran-thin, -thahyn]- Adj. of or like the amaranth.
    unfading; everlasting: a woman of amaranthine loveliness.
    of purplish-red color.
    1. There is said to be a jellyfish that is amaranthine for whenever it 'dies' it is 'reborn' into a new jellyfish.

Words for this week:

  1. magnanimous- [mag-nan-uh-muhs] adj. 
    1.  Generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness: to be magnanimous toward one's enemies.
    2. High-minded; noble: a just and magnanimous ruler.
    3. Proceeding from or revealing generosity or nobility of mind, character, etc.: a magnanimous gesture of forgiveness.
  2. uncouth-  [uhn-kooth]  adj
    1. awkward, clumsy, or unmannerly: uncouth behavior; an uncouth relative who embarrasses the family.
    2. strange and ungraceful in appearance or form.
    3. unusual or strange.
  3. raucous  [raw-kuhs]  Adj
    1. harsh; strident; grating: raucous voices; raucous laughter.
    2. rowdy; disorderly: a raucous party.
  4. finagle  [fi-ney-guhl] verb
    1. verb (used with object)
      1. to trick, swindle, or cheat (a person) (often followed by out of  ): He finagled the backers out of a fortune.
      2. to get or achieve (something) by guile, trickery, or manipulation: to finagle an assignment to the Membership Committee.
    2. verb (used without object)
      1. to practice deception or fraud; scheme.
  5. nefarious  [ni-fair-ee-uhs] adj
    1. extremely wicked or villainous; iniquitous: a nefarious plot.
  6. lambaste  [lam-beyst, -bast] verb (used with object)
    1. to beat or whip severely.
    2. to reprimand or berate harshly; censure; excoriate.
      1. Use in a sentence: After Jesus was sentenced, he was lambasted. 
  7. hamartia  [hah-mahr-tee-uh] noun
    1. tragic flaw.
      1. Use in a sentence: Sareh's hamartia was that she worried too much. 
  8. ennui  [ahn-wee, ahn-wee; French ahn-nwee] noun
    1. a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom: The endless lecture produced an unbearable ennui.
  9. crepuscular  [kri-puhs-kyuh-ler] adj
    1. of, pertaining to, or resembling twilight; dim; indistinct.
    2. Zoology . appearing or active in the twilight, as certain bats and insects.
      1. Use in a sentence: Through the tree branches, Julia could have sworn it was night even though her watch said it was lunch time in the crepuscular light. 
  10. outmoded  [out-moh-did]  adj
    1. gone out of style; no longer fashionable: outmoded styles.
    2. not acceptable by present standards; no longer usable; obsolete: outmoded dwellings; outmoded teaching methods.

*Note that none of the definitions are mine, only the sentences where it says "use in a sentence" are mine. 



                                                    1. Awesome post! I love "ennui". Though I want to pronounce it "ehn-you-I", not "ahn-wee". :)

                                                      1. Thanks! Ennui is a fun word. I want to prounce it as "en-you-ee". Haha. :)


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