Saturday, April 16, 2011

Writing like is Driving

So today as I was driving along a thought came to me.
Writing is alot like driving.
How? You asked.
Well, just let me tell you.
Imagine that you're driving, you're probably comfortable (or not) passing on a seventy mph highway. It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining, you just got a promotion in your job or you passed that really important test. You've been driving just fine for a while and as you pass that slow car, bam! Some stupid driver slams into you. Or you hit a patch of ice. Let's say you have some damage to your car, but thankfully you're just fine.
Writing is like driving because you may be writing just fine one day, you're getting alot done, when out of nowhere, you get stuck. Getting stuck is like get hit by that stupid driver. You may have to sue the guy, slug through getting repairs, and then, when you're finally able to stop carpooling to work or school, you sit then in your car the first time after you get it back. You're hesitating to go out in it.

You may be feeling scared to drive again because you're afriad another idiot may hit you. Or you may be feeling fine and you turn on the car and drive away. Some people when they get Writer's Block may quit and never write anything again, or they plow on through the Block. They may struggle and finally overcome any trouble the Block throws out them.

Sure it may look bleak while you can't think of anything, but don't worry, for you CAN overcome Writer's Block! It may take a while and it may be hard, but I'm positive you can do it! There's alot of exercises you can do to help. Sure it might be weeks or even years before you think of something, but one day you'll wake up and suddenly that really weird dream you've been pondering over gives you an idea.

So, what I'm trying to say is that, instead of moping about how you can't think of anything, do something about it! Hop in that car and drive again! It may be scary to look at that blinking cursor- or whatever it is called- but you can defeat that!

How's your writing going?

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