Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Exploding Watermelons in China!

According to Yahoo! News, watermelons in China are bursting not with their juicy flavor, but from growth hormones. And I just had watermelon for lunch! It was very good too, although I have no idea where it was from! So if you hear that someone exploded from eating a watermelon...well...that was me.

So onto today's random topic, I hate cheaters! Why? Because now I have to retake a history test that I studied for really hard, all because some stupid kids in 3rd period had to cheat. I mean, is it really all that hard to take out your textbook read it over, go over the terms, and like, I don't know, do your homework?! It's not that hard people!

Of course, I guess it's better than giving everyone a zero on it (which is our other option). So I guess I should be happy. It's also another chance to get an even better grade on it (I have no idea what I got on it in the first place because I didn't look), or it's a chance to do even worse.

We have lots of cheaters here at my lovely school. I know one of them personally who does it alot but doesn't usually have kids who are willing to share their homework. Which is good for them. I do not cheat because it's pointless and you don't learn anything when you cheat.

Here at my school, if you're caught cheating they give you a zero and a detention. Nice, right? So whatever you do, you certainly don't want to cheat on something big in case you're caught. Which reminds me of school punishments!

I was reading online this really interesting article late at night, last night, about these crazy school punishments! Some of them included having kids eat just sandwiches and water for lunch, wearing prison jumpsuits for wearing clothes that go against the dress code, telling a class to punch a little kid because he punched somebody else, and one teacher went so far as to make a student wear a spiked collar and leash at an event! Another teacher tried to stick a misbehaving student in a cage filled with dangerous chemicals. And to this day, the teacher doesn't believe he/she did any wrong.

While nothing to those extremes have happened at my school, the most a teacher has done is yell at us and send us to the principal's office. Once two students kicked down some doors for whatever reason, and when found out, they had to pay for new doors. Another time, students were made to clean up a lunch table when they had a food fight.

At the most we just get detentions. But earlier this year we had a student kicked out for threatening our gym teacher, principal, and other students with a screwdriver. He also had this high pitched nasally voice...so yay that was about it for students getting kicked out this year. We don't really get a lot of bad students, although what they do outside of school is questionable, so I'd say we're a good bunch of kids.

Other forms of punishment mentioned in the article was making students stand in manure, clean toilets (Okay, well I don't think it's that bad...), made to "hike" up sagging pants with ties and then the pictures were posted on a "wall of shame", duck taped to seats and having their mouths duck taped when they wouldn't be quiet, and hit with a paddle. If you're not a history geek like me or you didn't live a long time ago, it was common punishment for misbehaving children to be hit with a paddle.

So, what's the most extreme punishment that's been done at your school? What was the crime that deserved the punishment? Do you like watermelon? Do you have a lot of cheaters at your school? What happens if their caught? Have you ever cheated and been caught? Gotten away with it?


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