Friday, May 13, 2011

Interesting Fact- about schools.

I recently discovered a few minutes ago that I have trouble thinking when commericals are on. I guess that's the point of them, to get you to pay attention to what they're advertising, but it's really annoying! Although, I can think pretty well while there is music on and I've learned to block out noise when people are talking. One useful skill that I've gained throughout my schooling. That and patience.

I was talking the other day to one of my cousins about private schools vs public schools. And it got me thinking once again about what my life would be like if I had gone to a public school rather than a private. I don't know about any where else, but around here, public schooling is pretty bad compared to the private schools.

Here, almost everyone you'll meet went to a private school of some kind for elementary/middle school and well, their high school years will have been at a public school. That's because there is so many more private elementary schools here than public and more public high schools than private. But everyone knows here that the private schools are worth the money because the education is more challenging than public.

Plus my private school is much smaller compared to the public schools and everyone knows everyone (except me, I'm still struggling to remember everyone sadly). So we have a small student to teacher ratio which means that the teacher is able to help us one on one. The only problem is that news and gossip spread like wild fire. We had a fight the other day in my lunch period and with in and hour and a half the whole school knew about it.

We also get these giant plate sized cookies on Friday. But that's just because I have an awesome school.

The kids at my school are nice for the most part although some of them are..well let's just say I wouldn't really be saying nice things about them. And most of the teachers are pretty awesome. Some of them have been working at the school for so long that they've taught my parents or my aunts/uncles. Sure, some of the stuff is older and could be replaced, but we are pretty up to date on techonology.

But don't even get me started on the library! I've found some really awesome books in there, but 70%-90% of them are really old books. I even found a book from 1910! If you're wondering most of the books have most likely been donated or given to the school because the owners don't want them.

As for the students in general, most of the student body are very nice. As in any school, you'll find the druggies, the nerds, the "popular" kids, the emos, and the sluts. Although I'd like to think that most of us are good students who actually care about good grades and not ruining the rest of our lives, but sadly that's not happening. Alot of the students just don't care and get into all kinds of trouble. On a side note, we don't really have a popular group of kids which is surprising. Here, if you want to be popular you have to be smart and a good kid. Well...most of the time.

So for tonight's questions, are you going to a public or a private school? Have you ever gone to both sets of schools? Which did you think was better? Did you like the schools you've gone to? What were they like? Big, small, fun, boring, etc?


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