Friday, May 6, 2011

I think I'll blog about something tonight!

So I honestly have no idea what to blog about tonight. Maybe I'll just ramble about something. Would you like that?

Sure you would!

So today I did nothing! Because I didn't have school today thanks to the grade schoolers who have their annual "track meet" at the school's track. BUT! I did go to the Grand March at school. And for all those people out there who don't know what I'm talking about, the Grand March is when all of the couples attending Prom walk out onto stage and get their picture taken.

This year's theme is Out in the City. So the stage was set up to look like a big city at night. It was pretty cool. But I just went for the dresses. They were SO pretty! Now red isn't my favorite color (it's purple if you haven't noticed the purple theme here), but I did like all of the red dresses. The dresses I like the least were the black or black and white ones. There's just something about it that color for prom I do not like. Although there were some very pretty purple dresses there too!

Long dresses seem to be in style. And I love the longer dresses. The only set back for me is that they make these beautiful dresses for people who are 5'8 or 6'2! (I mean, have you seen these dresses? They're soo long!) And being super short like me, I'm either going to have to do some major hemming or buy a short dress. And I don't really want a short dress for Prom. Short dresses are more Sadie Hawkin's style. 

Purple and yellow also seem to be in style this year. I went to the mall a couple weekends ago to help my cousin pick out her beautiful white and green dress, and there were tons of yellow dresses! 
Me- Ekkk! It's too bright! (Why? Because all we were having was wet and cloudy days for a week. Bleh!). So I'm thinking the designers are ready for spring! I know I am! 

I've started spring cleaning my room lately, and I got rid of a bunch of clothes..only for one of my friends to give me her really stylish shirts that she out grew! See, now that's why you want to be short! Because when your awesome-friend-who-has-really-good-taste-in-clothes out grows stuff, she can give it to you! Win! 

Anyways, you won't believe the stuff I found going through my closet and under my bed! I found books, papers, jewelry, and a couple of socks I was missing! (Now I know where that other purple sock went to!). Heck, I even found my calculator which I was missing. Which is good because I needed that for class. 

I remember reading this article back when I was little and I used to get American Girl magazine. There was this girl who had tons  of stuff from all over the world under her bed! It was pretty amazing (I assume her parents either travel alot or they know quite a few  people). I also wonder how could you miss all that stuff under there? (Go get your rain jacket and shovel, Honey! It's time to clean out under your bed!)

Oh, but my favorite magazine is Brio. Brio is a Christian magazine for girls. And it had everything! Interesting articles, things you could cut out, stuff that related to your life, quizzes, beauty, etc. Unfortunately , they went out of print last year just as my cousin ordered it! So they sent her a bunch of magazines from several months poir. The onyl thing was that she had already read those at my house! 

So now that I can't get Brio anymore, I get Seventeen magazine. I like seventeen magazine better than other girl magazines because it doesn't just talk about celebrities (And as interesting as they are, I'd like to read something that actually affects my life). Although Girl Life magazine I think sounds pretty good, but I'm not sure. 

Well, I think I've blogged enough. Tonight's questions: Do you remember your Prom? What was it like? Or if you haven't gone to Prom, are you excited for it? What kind of dress and color do you want? Have you spring cleaned yet and do you have any tales you could share from when you have spring cleaned? What is your favorite magazine and why?


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