Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Orange Goo Mystery is Finally Solved!

I find this... hilarious.
I can't figure out what
this is a picture of.
A tie perhaps?
So, I don't know if you've heard of the novel "Fifty Shades of Grey", but I just watched a yahoo video about it and found an interesting fact. The new best selling novel, is a erotic fanfiction based off of...Twilight. Yep, you read that right! And I wouldn't be reporting on this except that I find this hilarious and slightly...disturbing. Maybe because the fact that Twilight isn't exactly a human-friendly book (Meyer actually did say "I'm not anti-femine, I'm anti-human), but not only that but Twilight's heroine (does she even deserve the title?) Bella, isn't exactly a great rolemodel. Also, its a YA novel about vampires and selling your soul to be with your 'true' love.

So my question is, how did a YA novel inspire an eroctic adult novel about "a young woman who falls in love with an older millionaire prone to bondage". Secondly, why Twilight (which also brings up the question what exactly in Twilight inspired this? Or do I even want to know?)? When I think S. Meyer wrote these books, she probably never thought that this kind of book would be inspired from hers. Anyways, you can watch the video,here , and make your own opinions.

Canada has new money again...and it glows!

After introducing plastic, multicolored, and see-through bills and then killing off the penny, Canada has a new coin now. This new collectuble quarter features a dinosaur who's skeleton appears in the dark after facing light. It's actually two images on one side and the other side has a non-glowing Queen Elizabeth. The quarter is made out of cupronickel, valued at 25 cents, and is much larger than a regular Canadian quarter.
It shows an artist's rendering of Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai, a 4-ton, 26-foot dinosaur discovered in Alberta in 1972. It's the first in a four-coin series of photo-luminescent prehistoric creatures.
The mint says the skeleton can best be seen after the coin is exposed to sunlight, or to fluorescent or incandescent light for 30-60 seconds, adding that the luminescence won't fade with time.
The glowing novelty is a first for the mint, but sadly it won't be for general circulation.
The dino's mintage is limited to 25,000, and collectors who want to count their dinosaurs at night will have to pony up to the tune of $29.95. Canadian, of course. It launches April 16.
Apparenlty this isn't the only cool coin, New Zealand has a Star Wars coin. You can read the whole article, here.

Baby declared dead...only to be found alive by parents. 

In Argentina, a newborn baby was discovered aline by her mother 12 hours after the hospital declared her dead. Analia Bouguet, the mother, says that the hospital only gave her a death certificate and not one for a birth. Apparently her fifth child, the little baby girl was born premature. And two hours after finding out the news, Analia and her husband visited the morgue to see the child one last time. But when they uncovered the little casket, the baby cried out to the surprise of everyone.
The newborn has been named Luz Milagros, or "Miracle Light." She is still listed as being in critical condition but is said to be improving. The deputy provincial health minister announced that five medical professionals involved in the case have been suspended, pending further investigation.
You can read the whole thing and watch the video, here. 

Orange Goo Mystery Solved!
Do you remember when I posted about a mysterious orange goo up in Alaska eailer? Well its been solved.

At firsst, researchers of NOAA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration- believed that it was created by millions of tiny crustacean eggs with fatty oil seen through the sacs which gave it the strange color. But now they're saying it was a mass of spores from a certain type of fungus, orginally, called rust (named for its organge color). But then they couldn't actually identfiy the exact species of the fungus.
Writer Jennifer Frazer covered the strange story on her “Artful Amoeba" blog for Scientific American, and reported that the mystery had finally been solved: "the identity of the rust has been revealed at last. It is the Spruce-Labrador Tea Needle Rust, Chrysomyxa ledicola, a parasite of both spruce trees and a rhododendron — a flowering woody shrub common to conifer understories the world over — called Labrador Tea." 



  1. So, basically Fifty Shades of Grey is like a Twilight erotica? Man, the world really is crazy.

    1. Basically. According to a bunch of people I've been talking to, its Twilight erotica on steroids cause the guy is crazy and super abusive, then the MC girl just lets him do all that crazy stuff to her. O.o

      And then there's people that adore the book. I've seen parts of it. I have no idea why they like it so much. Its books like that that make me afraid for the world sometimes.


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