Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In The News- Orange Goo and First Things.

Dear Readers, this is going to be a really short post tonight. I'm sorry about that. For one thing, even though I have two news articles to talk to you about, I'm waaayy too tired to be awake...much less writing a blog post. So if something doesn't read right or something is just plain messed up as you read this...I'm probably really really tired.

Second thing, according to Yahoo! News, a mysterious orange goo washed up on the shore of one Alaska town and freaked everyone out. At first people thought it was some kind of pollution, but upon further inspection, they discovered it to be either small crustacean eggs or embryos. The orange coloring can be explained because of a lipid droplet in the middle. So if you're wondering, yes this is natural! The orange goo is reportedly sticky but powdery when it's dried.

And the best part?

They know the goo are eggs, but they don't know what creature the eggs are. Great right? So for all we know it's either, something weird concerning fish...or eggs from an alien species intent on invading our planet....

Maybe not, but you never know.

On the other piece of news, Keiko Fukuda is now the first woman to ever achieve a tenth degree black belt. Which just so happens to be the highest rank in the martial art, Judo. Fukuda can now proudly say that she is one of the only four living pople to have earned the tenth-degree black belt. Apparently, only sixteen people have ever gotten this far.

And I bet none of them are as old as this bright 98-year-old lady. Anyways, she's been doing Judo since 1935 and is the only student alive to have learned under Judo's founder, Kano Jihuro. Not only is this woman destroying boundries placed on women, but she also gave up normal traditions (things like marrying) to persue her life's dream . And I'd say that this is a pretty good lesson. It may have taken her over sixty years to have earned this honor, but she never gave up. Even when things weren't looking the best.

According to this Yahoo! article:
Fukodo said she approached Judo and her life with the intent to "be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." Fukuda says this kind of beauty is decidedly not external. "A compassionate soul is inner beauty," she explained to the paper. "I believe this is true beauty...All my life this has been my dream."

Dream realized, the 98-year-old Sensei Keiko Fukuda continues to teach Judo three times a week at a woman's dojo.
The other neat thing, she's still teaching, at 98 years old. So what do I think? I think good for her for pursuing her's life's dream even if it wasn't what others wanted her to do. And for never giving up. Also, and she's still living her dream even when she's old. 

98 year old woman becomes the first to earn the highest honor in Judo.

So, do you know of anyone else who has ever achieved something no one else did? And have you ever heard of anything like this mysterious goo? What do you think the eggs are?



  1. I hope it's alien eggs! That would be really cool! They don't look like eggs though. Looks more like seaweed gone wrong!

    That woman is such an inspiration! Congrats to her and I hope she gets the rewards for all this hard work. She puts my lazy being to shame.

  2. Interesting news! I hope I'm that fit at 98!

    Congratulations! Because your blog is awesome, you've been nominated for the Liebster blog award, which honors blogs with under 200 followers! :)


  3. Ghostie: I know, right! Ohh you're right, they do look like seaweed! There was this other picture I saw where they actually looked like eggs, but I couldn't get it. I know! I thought that was so cool that she was still doing stuff at 98 rather than sleeping all day in a nursing home.

    Annie: I know, although I don't think I'd like to be 98. Aw thank you so much for the nomination! :D That is so cool!


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