Friday, August 12, 2011

Movie Review- Miss Potter

Basically, this movie is about the author, Beatrix Potter, who wrote the Peter Rabbit books. This is going to be a really short review by the way. Basically I didn't even finish the movie because I didn't like it at all. Half-way through I just couldn't stand it anymore.

Anyways, what I liked: I liked how it was about an author. I enjoyed the creativity in it. And the romance was cool. But really, that's all I really liked about it.

What I didn't like: Trust me, this part will be much longer. Firstly, even though they started how with her getting a publishing deal, I thought that the romantic part went on too soon. We didn't really even see them fall in love, really it was just them watching the books getting published and stuff like that. And then they had these random little animations, where the pictures would randomly move and Beatrix (I've always liked that name) would talk to them. Not that it was really weird (I mean, some writers do it, but seeing it in a movie like that was just weird). And then the love interests sister was just plain weird. And the acting was bad. I mean some of it was good, but other than that, the rest of the acting was just bad. Everything seemed forced and unnatural. Eventually I just had to stop the movie half way because I couldn't stand the romantic parts. I mean it was kinda ridiculous.

Would I recommend this movie? Not at all. I hated it. One or two stars I'd give it.

So have you ever read a movie that you couldn't stand? What movie was it and why didn't you like it?


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