Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In the News- When Social Networking is Too Much And Glowing Animals.

In an article I read a while back and meant to post about, the topic is about living in what the article's author calls the "Conversation Age."

He goes on to say how it is getting increasingly harder to keep up with online conversations. Those conversations which happen to be with family, friends, co-workers, and other people that could be important. Not only that but with the increasing amount of social networks, it is hard to keep with who is on what and what is being said. There is Facebook, Google Plus, blogs, and many other sites where people are trying to talk to us on a daily basis. So with all of the conversations going on, and not just online, how does one keep up with it all?

You can't.

Or you can very much try. It could help by limiting how many sites you're on and who you talk to. For example, how many of those friends on Facebook do you really ever talk to? And how many of those people do you see every day? Is it really that important to talk to someone online when you can talk to them by phone or offline?

Anyways, I don't really use social networking sites all that much. I mainly use facebook these days to keep up with my friends far away or to manage the pages I've created. Most of them have turned into well faring pages the began as book reports and were never meant to become liked by anyone other than me. But now I have a following on those pages and I like to update them and talk to people about the books on it. I also have the facebook page for this blog which I try to keep updated.

But other than that, the only places I talk to people online is here on my blog, other blogs, on Goodreads, or on Inkpop. I sometimes use emails, but not as often. The really only person I email is a cousin's cousin. Personally, I'd be fine without talking to people online, but then, I'm fine with talking to people online too.

Anyways, I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this topic anymore, so I'm going to turn to another subject.

Tegon, the glowing beagle.
 Discovery.com, reported a couple weeks ago that scientists have genetically modified a female beagle to glow. Yes, you read that right. The beagle, named Tegon, glows fluorescent green when under UV lights. And the whole animal glows when under these lights. But Tegon is not the only animal to be modifed by humans to glow. Another puppy named Ruppy, glows fluorescent red and a cat named Mr. Green Genes, glows...well green.

According to the article:

He and his colleagues achieved the feat using a five-step process. The scientists first inserted a DNA fragment that controls the expression of a green fluorescent gene into dog cells. They next extracted DNA from a dog oocyte (an immature female reproductive cell prior to fertilization) and injected the fluorescent-modified dog cells into it.
The third step was to use a process known as Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer to generate an embryo. The resulting embryo was then transferred into a surrogate dog mother. After 60 days of pregnancy, she gave birth to Tegon. When given a doxycycline antibiotic, the female beagle literally glows under UV light.
The animals are created because researchers hope to use them to improve benefits of humans. Dogs, especially, are good for this type of thing apparently. They have 268 types of genetic diseases that are close to what we get.
 "Also, the dog has physiological and anatomical similarities with humans. These reasons make them a good model for human disease."
Lee said the genes injected to make the dog glow could be substituted with genes that trigger fatal diseases. He and his team would then be able to chart the course of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and more, better understanding how such diseases develop.
Dogs also make good candidates for this kind of research because they have "good communication skills with humans, which enable them to have good response skills to direct orders. They are also easy to handle." He added, "Compared to mice and other smaller animals, dogs provide a much larger sample collection." 
Injections? Glowing? Fatal diseases? I don't know about you but this sounds somewhere along the line of animal abuse. I understand that it is to help humans with diseases, but what about these poor animals? Even if injecting them with glowing genes doesn't harm them, I think adding fatal diseases to the mix does.

How would you like it if people injected you with diseases in order to save other people without your consent? You probably wouldn't like it.

Also, don't be surprised if glowing dogs and cats become a new pet trend in future.
As Ko said, the "technology could be used for producing a variety of unique cats and dogs, possibly creating a new area of commercial interest."
Hm, a glowing pet? While that would be interesting, I think it would get annoying at night when you're trying to sleep. Plus everyone would have to get UV lights and glasses just to see their pets glow. Unless, of course, they came up with another way to make the animals glow.

Conversation Age
Glowing Animals

So, do you have troubles keeping up with social networking? How has social networking impacted your life? Would you like a glowing pet? Do you think it's abuse to use animals for research and medical purposes?



  1. Back in the day when I was on Facebook, Myspace, Xanga, that one music site I can't remember, and internet forums for about 6 hours a day, plus AIM open all that time, I'd feel bogged down by all of the conversations and information.
    Now, I stay away from most of it. My myspace and AIM screenname are virtually inactive, I go on my facebook about once a month, and I only participate in conversations I'm really interested in. I've learned that it's okay to ignore all of the noise and spam and just listen to what I want to hear (I mean this virtually of course :p). If my friends want to hang out or talk, they can text me and we'll meet up somewhere.

    I'm calling BS on that second story. It sounds like something out of one of those funny newspapers in the grocery store. Even if I saw Tegon in person, I would think that they just slapped some paint on him in secret.

  2. I used to be online all the time, like I was obsessed with facebook (even though I didn't really talk to anyone) and then I was obsessed with talking to people on the forums on Inkpop (Eh...I still kinda am). But my facebook account is practically not used too, I rarely go on it. And the only people I talk to on it is my friends in college or the friends I moved away from and can't see anymore. But unless it's something really important (most of the time it's emails) I ignore it if I can't get to it. But I agree, if my friends really want to talk to me, they can text me or even call me.

    Ha, I could that'd be funny if they did put paint on him. I found the article on Discovery.com, and personally I think a lot of their articles are false or just plain silly. But they're still fun to look at, I've gotten some interesting ideas for stories from it.

  3. *That'd be funny if they did put paint on him.*


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