Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In 1988....

Something happened, I'm sure of it but we are not going to talk about that.
We are talking about names! Yes names, leave now if you don't care. I was inspired to do this because of a podcast I listen to from Mom Stuff Never Told You from How Stuff Works (search on itunes if you want to listen to them). Now I don't remeber much from the podcast but hear are some highlights.
*Most popular female CEO name was Debra (both spellings)
*When written on a resumes people with more black sounding names (like Reshawda [sorry if that is spelt wrong]) have a higher chance of being looked over or ignored than a more white/american name like Molly.
*Boys with names that could be both girl and boy (like Taylor) are more likely to act out in class.
              --I second this! I know a dude named Taylor and he is not...well nice

Yep that's all I remember! Fascinating isn't it. Just look up the Stuff Mom Never Told Me podcast and search for the one about names to learn more.

Sorry this is so short, I completely forgot I was suppose to post today.


  1. These are very interesting! And I agree with that last one, I know some kids with names that could be either a boy or a girl's name and they can be not so nice people too. But then, everyone can be like that too at times.
    Hm, I've never heard of that podcast before but I will have to look it up! I love podcasts though I never know what's good.

  2. I didn't think I would like podcast but I found 2 really good ones and I listen to every new episode :D
    The 2 are Stuff Mom Never Told You and Stuff You Missed In History. Both by How Stuff Works

  3. That's so cool! :D I've listened to a couple and they're pretty good. I forgot what the one I like is. Are those ones free? I think I'd like the one about history.

  4. Yeah, I listen to them from the iPhone app but you can also get on thier iTunes and listen to it from your computer. They have a link at the site but it is much simpler if you get on iTunes and search the title if the podcast

  5. I'll have to do that! Thanks. :) I'm trying this new website called mixcloud where you can get free podcasts and listen to radio stations, only...they don't have a lot of choices and I've never heard of most of the stations.


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