Sunday, August 14, 2011

And here they come!

Ok here is something you don't know about me. I live in Kentucky! Yes home of the Kentucky Derby and my home is about 10 minutes from the Derby! So I thought it would be appropriate to do some history of this most exciting 2 minutes in sports.
The race is for 3 year old thoroughbreds and is right at 1.25 miles all around. Out of the average 150,000 visitors some of those people are celebrities (like last year there was Guy Fieri from the Food Network) and royal families.
The first KY Derby was in 1875. At this time only 10,000 people stood there and watched 15 horses run around the 1.5 mile track (no I didn't forget the 2, the track grew over time). It was then next year the track grew to the now 1.25 mile.
And even though I live here I have no idea why we wear crazy hats to the Derby. But it is a tradition I am proud to participate in :D
Have you ever been to our derby or any other horse race?

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