Saturday, August 6, 2011

Classes that might be fun.

So I meant to post yesterday but I got caught up in packing for my trip today. Well since I'm all settled in pretty much, I'll try to find something interesting to make up for yesterday.

I've decided that since school is coming up or some of you may have already started school, I'm going to talk about some cool classes. At my school, you can take a bunch of neat ones but really only once you're an upperclassman. Some of ours include:

  • Creative Writing- Yep, I'm sure most if not all of us, would really enjoy this class. I really want to do this class this year but I got put into British Literature. 
  • Law and Justice- Here the teachers makes you watch Criminal Minds the whole time and then stops the show have way through and you have to guess what will happen. Afterwards you talk about the outcome.
  • Comparative Religions- Here we learn about a whole bunch of different religions besides the different kinds of Christians (Lutherans, Catholics, Baptists, etc). Religions like Wicca, satanists, paganism, and voodoo are some of the examples. 
  • Digital Photography- Here we learn about all the different stuff you can do with a camera and kinds of photo editing programs you can use. 
  • Ceramics I and II: Pottery! Whoo! I really wanted to take the first class this year but instead they put me into Foundations of Art. 
  • Pseo Classes- These are online classes you can take. The homework is stuff you have to do on your own and not only do you earn a high school credit for this but you earn a college one too. There's a bunch of stuff like American Sign Language and psychology (which my school also offers). 
  • Christian Family and Life- From what I've heard this class is where we learn about how to raise families and live ours lives in a good Christian way. 
  • Earth and Space science- Here we learn about space and where we have stargazing sessions too. We also study rocks and learn how to identify them.
Well that's all I can really think off the top of my head, but I know that this year my school is going to try something new. We're trying something called the J-turn. Here after Christmas break, instead of cramming finals and extra lessons in before the quarter ends, for a whole week, our teachers will be able to teach something special. Like one teacher might have a cooking class or another might have us carve a boat out of a tree. 

Plus then the seniors and juniors get first pick. So if you're a freshman and one of the special classes you want to take are full, you'll have to suck it up and take something else. Also, we'll only be able to take one or two classes the whole week. I hope it'll be fun! 

And apparently this year, my school is also making all of the freshmen take a new semester class called Freshmen Ordination, where they'll learn stuff like organizational skills.  We'll also have this new program every other Wednesdays where we'll get out of school an extra twenty minutes. But if you get a pass to a teacher's, you have to go in and work on that stuff until either the bell rings or you get your stuff done. 

So I think this year will turn out interesting. I think most of my classes are okay, although I want to switch out of Foundations of Art and British Literature. What cool classes does your school offer? Have you ever gotten to do any of them? What are the worst classes in your opinion? Does your school have any interesting programs? 


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