Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 2012 Blog News

So last year I would let you know how many members we've gained or lost since the start of the month, but since I haven't done that yet this year, I'll just let you know that we at least gained 10 new members since the start of the year. So, thank you everyone who follows this blog and who randomly pops over. You guys have no idea how much you reading this blog means to me! And anyone who's gained since the start of 2012, welcome!

So I've had a busy week. Prom is coming up, college visits, showers, banquets...etc. Yep, you name it, it probably happened since last Wednesday. Anyways, I took a look at the books I still need to review and finally realized that the list is growing long again. So I've decided that I shall be reviewing two books each week (Sunday and Thursday).

Since We're on That Topic...
If you haven't noticed. There are some books that will either appear on the "To read or What I'm Reading Right Now" gadgets or on the book list that I don't actually review. There's a reason for this. These are books I either don't finish or by the time I get around to reviewing them, I can't exactly remember what happened in the story. And I don't review books that I either don't finish or can't remember well enough. Its not fair to you and its not fair to the authors if I did.

Once Again...
As usually I'm letting you guys know that I'm still open to suggestions, comments, and just random conversations. You can either reach me in the comments of any post, or by going to the "contact" page. Although I don't check the contact list much, but I'm making a goal to myself for the rest of the year to check it more, and update the blog archive more and a ton of other stuff. (Its even in writing now so I can't really go back on that promise, now can I?)

Stats (Arranged by the top five regardless if numbers repeat)
Shape Poetry- 274 Pageviews
The History and Usage of Codes- 134
In the News- Doggies and music!- 117
Writing Tips- How to NOT infodump!- 98
The US Presidents were strange people! (part 4)- 63

Search Keywords
Shape Poems- 76
dark clouds- 6
how to write in elvish- 6
more code history for kids- 6
to read and write in- 6

USA- 610
Russia- 593
United Kingdom- 106
Canada- 45
Netherlands- 44


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