Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In the News- That's a lot of Kids!

Texas Class looks to break record.
That's right, this class of 2012 has 18 sets of twins and 2 pairs of triplets! You can watch the video here.

BBC News Fail
While reporting on the conflict in Syria last week, BBC news accidently used the logo for the United Nations Space Command. Instead of the United Nations Security Council, the UNSC protects Earth from aliens in Halo. BBC news was quick to issue an apology, and even corrected the error in later versions of the newscast. But they weren't quick enough to stop it from going viral!

Apparenlty the U.N's Security Council doesn't have its own logo- they rely on the regular UN logo- and they aren't the only ones to make the mistake. The CanAsian Times accidently made the same mistake when reporting on Syria, only they haven't yet fixed the mistake. Maybe they're too embaressed? In anycase, you can read and watch the whole thing, here.

Afghanistan Schoolgirls poisoned yet again. 
160 schoolgirls were brought to a local hospital after they were found to be poisoned. The culprits are supposedly the Taliban who oppose education for girls. Its also the third time this has happened in less then two weeks.

They complain of headaches, dizziness, and vomiting, although they are discharged from the hospital in a couple hours. Police think that the classrooms were sprayed with toxic chemicals. Last week more then 120 girls and three teachers had to go to the hospital too for the same reason. Then, the day before the May 23rd attack, 40 girls at a different school had the same thing happen to them.

According to BBC, some officals think that mass hysteria may also be a factor although they say that it cannot account for so many girls. In 2009, hundreds of girls were put into the hospital in about the same amount of time, and in 2010 more then three dozen girls had to go to the hospital for poison too. You can read the whole thing and watch the video, here.

Heroic boy saves mother. 
During a robbery, 10-year-old Cameron didn't hesitate to tackle the ski-masked robbers when they threatened his mother with a gun. After shooting him through the arm, the suspects ran away. Cameron is reportedly doing fine now and he knows that he has God and his guardian angels watching over him as it could have been much worse. You can watch the whole thing, here.



  1. Hoping those school girls will be alright. Targeting children is quite low.

    1. I hope so too! And indeed, it is quite low.

  2. awwww the story about Cameron warmed my heart <3


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