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Movie Review- The Avengers

This is the most important thing you will read in this review:
Stay until the VERY end. Like until the commercials start playing. Wait until the fancy credits are done and then wait until the boring black and white credits with a zillion names is done. You will be delighted

So I FINALLY went and saw this movie last night. And I thought it was pretty good. My favorite part about the movie was the humor. I died laughing several times.

So in this movie, if you've seen Thor then you'll remember what I'm talking about, the Tesseract is taken from S.H.I.E.L.D. The Tesseract (not even sure if I spelled that right...) is this glowing blue cube from Asgard (home of the gods from Norse mythology) which acts as a portal.

Loki (Norse god of deceit and trickery) has come back to earth with a dangerous new plan. He means to use the Tesseract to take over earth and get his revenge. But what do you know, there's a group of superheros to stop him!

Our heroes (pun intended)

  • The Hulk- I saw this movie like when I was super little so I don't really remember it (was I even suppose to be watching it is a better question!), but apparently the guy's name is something "Banner" I think. And he's basically a indestrucible science experiment gone wrong. 
  • Ironman- Tony Stark. He's had two movies made of him and he was probably one of my favorites. Not only was he super funny, but for an older guy, he's still good looking. Plus his suit is just super cool!
  • Thor- For some reason, his character disappointed me. He's one of my favorites cause he's a Norse god and he's just cool, but his character was kinda disappointing. I don't think he did as much as he could of. And sometimes he just seemed to get in the way of things or ruin things. 
  • Captain America- One of favorites for sure. Not only is he good looking, but he's just cool. Only, there's some things about him that bothers me. For example, in the beginning of this movie you see that he basically is suffering from post-traumatic-stress-syndrome and he's still affected by what happened in his movie. But after that beginning, he never shows any problems. And I think they could have played off of that more. Like, what in the world happened to that girl he loved? Also, I think he seemed oddly adjusted to our world (go watch his movie! I hated the ending, it was stupid but it made since cause they wanted him in this movie). 
  • Hawkeye- Honestly, I wasn't really connected with this character. He's one of the new people we get to meet. He has this really cool bow and arrow thing, but other then that, I felt like I didn't know him all that well. He didn't seem like a very well developed character! 
  • Black Widow- I liked her. Not only because she was the coolest woman in the movie and she's pretty, but she was cool. Although I wasn't really sure what her special talent was. Was it fighting? I just wasn't sure. She was also very secretive and I'm not sure why in the world "Natasha" is called the Black Widow (which we only hear once or twice during the movie). I liked her, and then I didn't at the same time. 
What I liked. 
Like I said earlier, the humor was my favorite part. Yes this was an action movie, but it had humor and I think that's what makes it stand out the most from other superhero action movies. But no other action movies actually have humor (or if they do, I don't find it funny) in them. 

Another cool thing I liked about this movie was the gadgets they had. I think this movie is set a bit in the future (cause seriously, we do not have some of that stuff!) although I wasn't sure what time it was. 

I thought that the acting was pretty good most of the time. Sometimes it seemed unnatural or like they were trying too hard, but most of the time they were pretty good.

What I didn't like. 
There's actually quite a bit I wasn't impressed by with this movie. For example, who is Fury and why does he play such a special place in the movie? Sure I get that he's the head of this top secret organization, but at the same time...I just didn't get him. The other thing I didn't like was the council. Part of me thinks that they weren't really needed (all they really did was launch a nuke) and the other part of me just doesn't like them. 

I thought that Loki's army was kinda puny. While it did seem like there was a lot of those alien creatures, I also thought that the army just didn't seem all that big. And what in the world were they? I didn't know what world they were from or what they were. And it annoys me. Although the weird flying creatures that were like giant living robotic hangers were really cool. 

While Loki was a pretty good villain most of time, I also wasn't impressed with him. At times he seemed like this giant coward and it didn't seem like he was all that powerful. Without his septor and his fancy ability to make copies of himself, he just seemed like a puny villain. Plus there were times were he just sat there and did nothing. Like when Thor, Captian America, and Ironman were fighting, Loki just sat there and...watched? Why didn't he try to escape or put up more of a fight?

Overall I really did like this movie, but I didn't think it was one of the greatest. The scene at the end of the fancy credits confused the heck out of me and for pete sake, people clapped at the end of it! Now it was a good movie, but I didn't think it was that good. Plus, I don't think that you should clap at the end because the actors can't hear you. They don't know that you liked the movie that much and I think clapping is a form of expression that shows people that you are impressed with something they did. Why do it when there's no one to tell you that they're grateful that you enjoyed it?

Anyways, there's my two cents on the movie. I enjoyed it, I loved the humor. And most importantly: STAY UNTIL THE VERY VERY END. 


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