Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How far would you go to save someone?

Funny Music videos
I thought I'd share somethings that are kinda funny. So, I'm sure you've all heard "Call Me Maybe". Well there's two sport teams now who have made spoofs and music videos of them. The first one, made by Havard's Crimson baseball plaers. And then the second one is made by the SMU Women's Rowing team. My favorite is the guy's version.



How far would you go?
When Martin Davis was working at Swepco Tube LLC, a metal tube plant in Clifton, NJ, he fell 40 ft into a tank of nitric acid, becoming fully submerged. Then 51-year-old Rob Nuckols jumped into the vat waist high to save the 44 year old co-worker. Three other workers then helped Nuckols pull Davis out. When the rescue workers got there, the took Davis out of his clothes and sprayed him with water. He suffered a broken rib, a punctured lung, and burns on his legs and side. He is in critical condition although Nuckols was also treated for burns. Apparently Davis will be fine as the acid wasn't all that strong. Read the full story here.

Praying and Playing. 

Apparently the Exeter Cathedral in Devon, England the church members will collaboratively play the PS3 game, Flower. They'll pass the controller around until the first level is completed.
Developer ThatGameCompany calls the game a "video game version of a poem." In it, players guide a flower petal through environments that swing between the pastoral and the chaotic, and in doing so, cause the onscreen world to change. Sounds a lot more contemplative than Call of Duty.
"Together we will enter a 'virtual creation' and bring our own touch of transformation to it," the centuries-old Anglican cathedral says on its Facebook page.
How the game works or how they'll do this during a church service is beyond me. Much less, what do they plan to accomplish? A better attendence from the younger generation of people? Click here to read more.

Rescued at Sea, Grad now Joins Coast Guard.
When Orlando Morel was just six years old, he and his mother left Haiti on a small wooden, crowed boat headed for America. When they became lost at sea, the U.S Coast guard eventually rescued them. Now 24, he will join the Coast Guard and graduate from the academy in Connecticut. He'll serve in Florida where his missions will include migrant interdiction. After his mother died shortly aftrer his birthday, a Haitian woman serving in the U.S Navy adopted him. Louise Jackson who lives in Rockville, Md. is thrilled. To read the full story, click here.


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