Monday, June 4, 2012

Writing Prompt- Its time to get a job!

So I'm sure we all have that dream job in mind. Mine is to be a published author. And in an attempt to make our characters as realistic as possible, shouldn't they have a dream job as well? Even if they're a super hero on planet-X, they might want to so something other then save the other every Saturday.

So tonight's prompt is to have your characters decide what their dream job is. Is it something attainable or not? Are they doing it already? Why is it their dream job?

If its something that's not actually a job in their world, try creating something similar or have it be a job anyways! If they're in a different time period and there's a job that they would like to do in our century, write a scene where they travel to here and do it!

Speaking of which, if you're feeling adventurous, try writing a scene where a character from another dimension or another time as to come here and work as something. Are they surprised by the job they're doing? It is what they expected it to be?

Also, what job wouldn't they want to do and why?


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