Monday, June 11, 2012

Writing Prompt- Real Life

So we've all heard of people turning real life into stories. But how many of us actaully, truely, have an interesting memory or event to turn into a story?

Well today we're going to explore our lives and try to create a story from it. It doesn't actually have to be your entire life, but maybe there's a certain event or a story that you like to tell people that you could turn into a story?

Maybe you got lost in the park during a family picnic or maybe your cousin went to another country and came back with a really interesting story?

My story that I've actually turned into a story is something that happened to someone in my family. So there was this lady from Asia that was going to work for the company Family Member worked at. Well Family Member met this lady and it went okay. Well then the next day the lady didn't show up for work. When she didn't return after several days, they called the police and investigated. Well apparently this woman had left all her stuff at her hotel room and they couldn't figure out what happened. Then several weeks later, we found out that this lady had decided she was home sick and went home with out telling anyone or getting any of her stuff (sound sketchy? Indeed it does...). So I'm turning this (with a large twist on the story) into a YA novel called Deadly and Missing. 

So, if you'd like, what real life event or memory could you turn into a story?


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