Saturday, February 18, 2012

Movie Review- The Island

(From Rotten Tomatos) Blockbuster action director Michael Bay delivers a striking look at a strange world of the future in this sci-fi action drama. Midway through the 21st century, Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) lives in a confined indoor community after ongoing abuse of the Earth has rendered most of the planet uninhabitable. One of the only places in the outside world still capable of sustaining life is an idyllic island where citizens are chosen to live through a lottery. Or at least that's what Lincoln and his fellow citizens are taught to believe; the truth is that Lincoln, like everyone he knows, is actually a clone who is kept under wraps to provide needed organs when the person who supplied his or her DNA falls ill. When he becomes aware that his existence is a fraud, Lincoln escapes to the outside world with a fellow clone, Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson), though the powers that be are determined to see that no one gets away alive. 

I really liked this movie. Not only because its a distopian-like movie, and its sci-fi, but it was just really cool. I thought that the acting was really good and it has some funny spots in it. 

When we first meet Lincoln, we see that everything they do is based around keeping them healthy. They all have simple jobs and no one suspects anything is wrong when "survivors" appear sometimes. These "survivors" are actually fully grown clones who are being introduced into Lincoln's home. Some of the clones even have false memories about what life was like before they were all forced into the safety buildings. 

When Lincoln finds out that the lottery is actually where they pick the clones who'd donors need their body parts, he and his friend Jordon escape. Finding the outside world still habitable, he and Jordon must find their donors. Along the way they encouter some new people, and lots of new things. The clones, even though they are adult looking, have the knowledge of a child and are quite innocent. 

But that doesn't stop them from eluding their captors and freeing their fellow clones. 

What I liked: I enjoyed the whole futuristic aspects of it. It was really cool and I thought that the graphics were good. The story line was exciting throughout the movie and it kinda kept me guessing. I basically really liked the whole movie, so there's not much to say. 

What I disliked: There were some parts and scenes that confused me. Sometimes I wasn't really sure what was happening or why. But beyond those few scenes, it was a pretty easy to understand movie. I didn't like the gross parts that made me uncomfortable and I was kinda sad to see that they had to include those scenes in the movie. Although it kinda makes sense why, I think the characters could have explored other new things. I would also like to know how many people still live on earth and how many have clones. What is life like for the people on earth (not the clones)?

Overall: I really enjoyed it. And I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys sci-fi movies. 



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