Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Would you get involved even if it wasn't your fight?

Yes, I know, I usually reserve these topics till Friday, but I can't wait till then to rant about this.

Anyways, one of my friends is a foreign exchange student from China. She stayed with my aunt's family last year, but since they don't have anymore kids in high school, they decided not to host my friend again. So my friend stayed with another family.

Which was fine, but then they kicked her out on Sunday.

For a very stupid reason*: because she didn't talk enough and she made them "uncomfortable".

*Now I don't know the whole story, but here's what I was told.

My friend wouldn't reply a lot to her host family, often staring into space or mumbling. Plus she would complain alot about not having her own room. My friend is a teenager and if you know ANYTHING about teenagers, you'll know that we COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. Because face it, that's what we do. In fact, its not just us, everyone does it.

So my question is, if this was your own child (or future child) would you kick her out just because she mumbled  alot, doesn't have the best English and has a really strong accent, and complains about stuff? If this was your child, wouldn't you deal with it and live with it?

And besides, my friend is only was only going to be staying at their house for half the year, till June.

The worst part is that they kicked her out without making sure she has another family to live with. I don't know about you, but that's cruel. Now the organization that she works with won't help her and if she can't find someone else to stay with within the week, she'll get sent back to China.

And this isn't a very good Christian thing to do. We shouldn't just kick people out just because we decide we don't like their personalities, how is that good witnessing? Lots of people I know are very quiet, private people. They don't talk alot and that's them. If you really wanted to witness to someone, you'd have to deal with them even if you don't like them. Because Jesus wouldn't kick someone out of His house just because He didn't like that they were quiet. Jesus would understand. Jesus knows that coming to a new country, even if its your second time, can be scary and confusing. He'd hug them and tell them that if there's anything He can do to help, to just let Him know.

And the other thing is that, my friend is one of the sweetest kids I know. I've never heard of her doing anything wrong, she doesn't swear, she doesn't cause fights, and she's a really great person. I consider her my Chinese-cousin-but-not-actually-my-cousin-but-I-still-like-her, and I'd HATE for her to go back to China. I don't always understand everything she tries to tell me, but I still try to listen to her. She's cool. She has new and interesting ideas.

Well she called my aunt and uncle to see if they'd take her in again, but they said they'd think about it for the night. And its kinda an all-around bad station, because not only does my friend feel horrible, but now my aunt and uncle suddenly have to decide if they can take her in again or not.

I just feel horrible about this myself. I wish there was something more I could do to help her. My family can't take her in cause we don't have any extra space and because our schedules are hectic. So...yeah. If this was a piece of paper, you'd see my tears on it, because gosh, this shouldn't be happening.

Now maybe there's something I don't know. Something more to the story, but even so...its not cool. Maybe the host family had a good reason, but if its really the reasons that I hear, it makes me want to scream. Normal families don't do that to their kids and if my friend was their kids, I doubt they'd do the same thing.

I don't know what else to say, but if this was you, how would you react? If this was your friend, what would you do? Would you step in and say "hey, something's not right here." or stand there and watch it happen? Play an active role or a passive? Thoughts here?


Edit: My friend didn't get sent back. My aunt and uncle were able to take her in, so she's living with them.

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