Monday, February 13, 2012

Writing Prompt- Turning Yourself into Words.

This writing prompt was one in Creative Writing that we did today. I thought it was kinda fun. Kinda. Here's the one I did for this example using my name.

Seeing all with all to give
Airing out windy clothes
Running fast, oh so fast
Ever flying, ever higher
Hopping to and fro

The other thing we did were, anagrams which is when you rearrange the letters of a name or something so that they form a new word or have a different meaning. For example

New York Times: Monkeys write

Try one! They're kinda cool. And you never know what might inspire you!


P.S: Wowzers! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! My brain really must be tired. For an extra prompt, write a scene in which you are treated to the best date/romantic day you can think of. Make it as cheesy as you'd like and then do the same for your characters!

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