Monday, February 6, 2012

Writing Prompt- The Superbowl

Let's pretend its the Superbowl again for the sake of this prompt. (If you watched it last night, who did you root for and did you really watch it? Or did you watch it for the commercials? What did you think of the halftime show?)

Think about this.

  • What team (pick any two teams, it doesn't have to be the Giants vs. Patriots) would your character root for? 
  • Or does your character not watch football and is only watching it for the commercials? If so, what commercials does he/she like/hate the most (it can be a real one or you can make up your own.) 
  • If you character is going to watch the game, will they buy tickets to go to the game or watch it on tv? 
  • And where is the game being held? 
  • Who is doing the halftime show?

Write a scene answering these questions and feel free to expand on the ideas or questions.

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