Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blog News- March 2012

Okay so I forgot to do this last month. I remembered nine days into Febuary, but by then, my stats would have been all messed up.

Blogging News

Inkpop is no more. 
Not that this affects the blog at all. I'm just still upset over this...*sighs* I'm ranting about it after this post.

If you look right under the Welcome widget, you'll see an announcements. I'll be posting announcements there and keep them up for a week so you'll know what changes I've made to the blog without me making posts about it.

Schedule changes
As seen in the announcements, Wednesdays are now Writing Prompts and Mondays are Historical/Interesting Fact day. This is because of Lent and I have church every Wednesday from 5:30ish pm to 8:00 pm. Somewhere before or after that I'm getting home from school and working on homework. After Lent, I'll change it back to what it was. (Also! As is the tradition, what do you think I should give up for Lent?)

Because I know you all love these...

Poetry-Shape Poems- 275 pageviews
The History and Usage of Codes- 120
In the News- Doggies, and Music!- 117
Writing Prompt- Survival Skills- 34
How to read and write in roman numerals- 28

Archive- 10
Writing Prompts & Ideas- 7
About the Author- 5
Resources- 3

Referring Sites
Google won all five spots!

Search Keywords 
Shape peoms- 51
the eiffel tower- 8
dark clouds lightning- 6
инки- 6
fun facts about scoliosis- 5

By Countries
United States- 804
United Kingdom- 173
Canada- 85
Russia- 58
India- 55

By Browsers 
Chrome- 711 (40%)
Internet Explorer- 635 (36%)
Firefox- 218 (12%)
Safari- 107 (6%)
Opera- 39 (2%)


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