Monday, March 5, 2012

US Presidents were Strange People (Part 3)

So today we'll take another look at ten of the US presidents and look at some of their weird quirks. 

Woodrow Wilson

  1. Arthur, Chester Alan (1881-1885)- The first president to need a full time valet. He is rumored to have over eighty pairs of pants. 
  2. Cleveland, Grover (1885-1889)- Not only does he remain to be the only president to personally hang someone, but he married his adopted daughter. His friend, Oscar Folsom, died when his daughter, Frances, was only 11. President Cleveland became her legal guardian. Cleveland was 27 when Frances was born and married her when she was 21. They had a daughter named Ruth who became so popular that the candy bar, Baby Ruth, was named after her. 
  3. Harrison, Benjamin (1889-1893)- He was the last president to have a beard. 
  4. McKinley, William (1897-1901)- He was the last president to have served in the civil war and the first to have his inaugural put on film. 
  5. Roosevelt, Theodore (1901-1909)- On 1884, both his  first wife and his mother died. He never mentioned Alice (his first wife) again and his autobiography doesn't even mention her. He was also blind in the left eye, an injury he received while boxing. 
  6. Taft, William Howard (1909-1913)- He was the first president to have cars as his primary choice of getting around. 
  7. Wilson, Woodrow (1913-1921)- He remains the only president to be buried in Washington DC-inside the National Cathedral. 
  8. Harding, Warren Gamaliel (1921-1923)- He loved playing poker and once lost a collection of priceless White House china. 
  9. Coolidge, Calvin (1923-1929)- He slept at least ten hours a day and loved riding on an electric horse for exercise. 
  10. Hoover, Herbert Clark (1929-1933)- He didn't like having servants around. A bell would ring to let servants know to hide when the president was coming near. 
The Secret Lives of US Presidents by Cormac O'Brien


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