Friday, March 23, 2012

Random Friday- How I got into writing.

So I wrote this for a personal narrative for creative writing. Its about how I got into writing and stuff. I decided to share it with you, cause I thought you might be interested in it. 

I first began "writing" when I was little. I would daydream up fanfiction of my favorite characters from games. Megaman, Jake/Spike from Ape Escape, and other characters. I would make them go on adventures I made up.

I remember when I was little I hated reading and writing. I remember thinking "how could anyone be an author?" I couldn't imagine writing for a living. But in third grade, I wrote three short stories about "Kate the Ham Ham". And then in fourth grade, I fell in love with reading and writing. I loved The Secret Garden and Anne of Green Gables. I became an vicious reader and I played around with story ideas.

Moonstar was my first character. She was an Indian living in east France. My second story was about Destiny, a fairy who had a secret niece. I wrote on and off during fifth grade but I never wrote more than three pages.

I didn't write much in sixth grade since I was just settling into a new state and a new town. But in seventh grade, I finally sat down and decided to write  a book.

My "first" book was called The Secret Fairy. It was about these twins, Hazel and Holly. Hazel was the "secret" fairy because no one had ever seen her. She had to constantly be inside and under guard otherwise, Verriva would capture her for her powers. But the story wasn't very good, it didn't have much of a plot and the characters were undeveloped. I had so many characters and I just threw in whatever I wished. It wasn't very good.

After forty pages, I realized that this story was not good. So I instead wrote about Hazel and Holly's parents- Anastasia and Aaron. Anastasia was a human and Aaron was a Fairy. I wondered, why would a human and a fairy marry?

So I sat down on the Apirl spring break and started writing. This first version was called The Angel's Dream. I began to create this long and complex story. Also with many characters and subplots. I thought it was amazing.

But while I was writing this, I discovered one August, a writing site called Inkpop. Anyways, while I was on the site, I changed the name of The Angel's Dream to The High Prince. After about three years of working on the story, getting to know my characters, sharing ideas and the story with my cousin, and just overall learning about the world my characters lived in, I finally finsihed the first part of their story at over 82,000 words. That was in January 2011.

So like most authors and other intelligent writing people advise, I took time off from the first draft. In February I had this amazing dream. From this dream steamed a whole new novel in a whole different world. And so I began Night Lies, starring seventeen-year-old Xander Fletcher, his thirteen-year-old sister Faith, and Xander's friend, seventeen-year-old Lieu Sparrow. Currently, this novel is over 55,000 words.

Night Lies is a science fiction thriller. It involves mystery, action, and a little bit of romance. Its a novel that deep imerses the reader into a world many, many years into the future.

Then, in May of 2011, I began another novel, The Cursing. I had gotten the idea from a picture of Angkor Wat and I knew I had to have a novel set there. But I needed characters. And so I took the fabled King Oberon and Queen Tatiana- the Fearie King and Queen- and gave them their own story and twist.

The novel has taken many cultural points from the Aztecs, the Incas, the Mayans, the Old Norse, the Celts, and the Indians (of India). During the course of the novel, Tatiana must decide if true love and freedom is worth risking the Curse or if staying locked up in the Temple for the rest of her life is the right choice.

For me, the novel is really deep and explores many issues. Its exciting and I hope that one day it will be able to help people who are struggling with things that Tatiana goes through. As of now, The Cursing, is at over 75,000 words and counting. I'm just over halfway through. It is dark fantasy mixed with romance and mystery.

Now labeled, The Prophecy,( before it was The High Prince)  the story is currently being rewritten as the second draft. It stems three novels and has spun over eight other novels from it. Most are from other minor or secondary characters. These include The Sayari (12k), The Daughter of the Sun, Tainted Love, Nonexistent, The Blessing, The Cursing, Dawn of Twilight, The Forgotten, and The Secrets of Love. Each story starting from The Cursing all the way up to The Secrets of Love tell about the world before The Prophecy starts. And how the whole Angelic Scrolls series came to be.

But besides the novels, I have many more stories planned. Not all of them will be publishable, as many authors write at least six or five novels before they're ever actually published. Banished, Betrayal, Deadly and Missing, Wayru, and Chill, Girl, Chill are several of my other novels planned. Currently, I also write many poems and I have one short story, a horror called In a Tree.

I have currently entered one writing contest, joined a writer's group, started two blogs, joined two official online writing communities, and been published in the my school's Christmas devotions booklet.

From here, I hope someday to publish on of my works. I plan to take the traditional route- find an agent, an editor, and then a publisher. But while I'm trying to do that, I plan to support myself by being a graphic designer or maybe a historian, or something else. Not quite sure yet.

For me, writing is something that can help people. Writing can help improve moods and give people inspiration. Books are very fun and not only that, but they help teach people and help them through difficult things. For me, writing is a way I can make a difference.

I always feel so relieved when I sit down and write something. I feel much more relaxed and happy after I've finally written down whatever my characters want me too. Because if I don't, I can't stop listening and watching their scenes until I put them down. After that, it fades away.

My writing strengths is world building and characters. People often comment how realistic my worlds and charaters seem. In my head, everything plays out like a movie, so I can vividly decribe what I'm seeing.

But my weaknesses is telling vs showing and grammar. I don't have the best grammar or spelling and I'm often unsure of what is proper.

Writing is exciting to me. This is just something so cool about creating stories. But I can decide what happens and although I can decide that, its often my characters that suffer when I make them do something that's not right. And its cool because everytime I plot or daydream of the story, something new appears to me and that's exciting. Finding out something new about the world and the characters that I usually didn't know.

Because I work on several novels at once and often have other stories waiting to be writing, I rarely get writer's block. Writer's block is where its you vs the page and often the page wins. But I don't get writer's block a lot because I always have something I need to work on.

So there you go. 

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