Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writing Prompt- Schooling around.

School is often boring, yet exciting. Its the place where for most of our younger years, where we end up learning and growing into the people we'll be for the rest of our lives.

So in tonight's prompt, let's explore how our characters would handle being in school. Would they go to a private school, a public school, an online school, or would they be home-schooled. Would they like big or small classes? What would be their favorite class? What about their least favorite? Favorite teacher? Least favorite?

What kinda of things would happen around them? Would they join sports or clubs? What kind of people would they hang out with? Would they date? Would they be trouble makers? What about lunch?

Write a short story or a scene where you character is at school and deals with these questions and more.  If you'd like, post part of it here or write a brief description of what it would be like. Would you like to go to school with your character? Why or why not? Would you even be friends with them?


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