Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In the News- Crashing vehicles and two large animals...

So because I have six things to report tonight, I'm going to give a short summary and then link you.

Reporters in Canada barely escape landslide.
Reporting for Canada's Global News, several journalists barely escaped disaster. The journalists and another boat moved safetly away but the other boat just barely outran the mass of debris barrowling towards them. Sadly, while these reporters were lucky, four people were lost in the landslide although one man's body was found. The three other ones are still missing. To watch the video and read all of it, click here.

21-pound lobster is making news.
Although its not the largest lobster, one creature was caught off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass with claws that are nearly a foot long. One restaurant manger reports that she could hold each claw in one hand and it was as long as her arms and as big as her torso. According to Elaine Jones, the education director for the state's Department of MArine Resources says that the claws are big enough to snap a man's arm. And since its illegal to keep lobsters over 5-inches, the 40-inch lobster was returned to the ocean. The lobster is going to be sold for charity and will hopefully be released back into the wild. Maybe next time he'll learn not to stray to far from home. As for us, you can view the video and read the whole thing by clicking here.

SUV crashes down elevator shaft,
A lucky parking attendant fell four floors and some how survived. Apparently he managed to drive into an empty car elevator shaft and after falling, it took 45 minutes to rescue Steven Morales who was trapped inside the Lexus SUV. After diving down 40 feet, the SUV landed unside down with its roof and hood crushed, the windows gone, and the doors dented. The second parking attendant is okay and the cause of the accident is still unknown. Read and watch the video, here.

If you're escaping a crime, stealing a plane isn't as easy as it looks in the movies...
Brian Joseph Hedglin, 40, an airplane captian, tried to escape authories but when he tried to escape in a 50-seat jetliner, he clipped the wing of another airplane and crashed through the fence. Afterwards, he apparently shot himself. He was charged with killing his 39-year-old girlfriend, Christina Lopez Cornejo. they were apparently also both members of the Colorado National Guard. Her body was found Friday at home. You can read the whole story by clicking here.

State Farm goes a bit crazy with their cars.
Four guys from State Farm built a half 1968 Camaro and another car, and then put the two together in what's a discontenting looking car. While it looks photoshop, the car is real and although it doesn't drive well, it still works. And since I don't understand all of what they're saying, you can view the whole article here and see more pictures.

6-foot lizard on the loose...
Apparently an aggressive 6-foot monitor lizard, named Dino, is on the loose in Colorado Springs, Colo. The 25-pound Nile lizard escaped again from his owner's yard with his mesh leash still attached. And its enough to make the sheiff not go after the creature. Instead he's warned citizens about the creature who could pose a threat to humans if caught in his path. You can read the whole thing here.


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