Monday, July 16, 2012

Writing Prompt- Dreams.

I'm not sure if I've done this yet...but either way, this is always a fantastic way to get stories. I've gotten three out of dreams before.

In case you don't have dreams a lot or whatever your case may be, here's some dreams I've had that you may draw inspiration from.

Dream #1
(Written in first person as this is taken out of my rarely updated dream journal.) I and this guy were getting these shots in then dystopian government. I was sitting on a hospital table and this doctor was giving me the shot in a small white room. I escape through the vent where I met up with this guy and we escaped together. We went down these tall, huge stairs to this red carpeted fancy place. I ran around the corner and hid in a clothing store where some of my classmates were shopping.

Then we escaped down this long escalator and across the bridge spanning the river. After going through there I saw these kids floating down the river in a small boat house. The government was coming after me as I saved the kids and we escaped to this abandoned farm house. There we met up with my aunt and my cousin where we stayed for a year before the government found us. After we killed the agent, we escaped.

Dream #2
I needed to find these four elements and it was me and this guy. We ran around the city trying to find these things. I found several and this uncle was after me. Then we went to this hill in the middle of the city where there was these stones in a circle. After that I was looking for something powerful inside this abandoned house. Next me and this guy went to find directions but the guy wrote it down on a piece of paper. My friend got annoyed because apparently he had the same job and said he could do it better.

Dream #3
I dreamed I survived a nuclear explosion, there was this charred hand and I swam over to this place where they gave me medicine through an IV. Then there was this horse and another creature who were on a mission in this fairy tale land but they had to defeat this rabbit creature first.

Okay so those are all the dreams I'll share for now. But as a side note, I always have these really long dreams with complicated plot lines. They're really entertaining. Most of them are dystopian like dreams or they're something that's a bit odd.

So if you'd like anymore interesting, story-like dreams, feel free to ask me.


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