Friday, July 27, 2012

Its the Olympics everyone!

Happy Olympics everyone!

Honestly, I'm not sure why I put happy there, but oh wells.

Anyways, so today is the summer Olympics and I am super pumped for the opening event. Only, I'm not sure what time it is so I may or may not have missed it already. I'm also excited for some of the events and some of them I didn't even know they had!

For example, (sorry about them all starting with capital letters, I was reading them off a list) Archery, Badmition, Equestrian, Fencing, Gymnastics, Judo, Table tenis, Taekwondo, and synchronized swimming. Apparently though they only show some of them on TV and I don't know how many of these they air.

So, my question for you all, what sports for you looking forward too the most? And are you excited? I always get kinda annoyed Olympic year because everyone gets obsessed with it and its all you ever see. Especially the week before.

I have heard some interesting things about this year's events. Apparently a refugee from some country is going to be competing even though he won't actually be representing any country. I also heard that apparently London got the new record for delivering the most condoms to the Olympic Village, which I think is pretty crazy.

Oh and this is a random fact I heard about the Olympics, apparently the athlete who weighed the least weighed only 65 lbs! I have no idea when she competed or what she was in, but I thought that was pretty crazy because even I weigh more then she did and I'm not that heavy.

Anyways, so I hope everyone enjoys the games and I wish the best of luck to all the countries in it!


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