Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In the News- Think You can Outrun a Zombie?

Men get Harder Parking Spots then Ladies...
Gallus Strobel, mayor of Triberg, Germany, has designated 12 spaces in the city's new parking garage for women that have easy access and well-lit exits. Men on the other hand get the more difficult parking spots, two spaces that require parking at an angle and small spaces between concrete supports. Apparently its only ment to start conversations and says that men are more readily to move to a more difficult parking spot then women are. You can read the whole thing, here.

What's Up with These Parents and Kids?

This article is actually several weeks old, but I haven't been able to post on it yet, so I'm doing it now since I couldn't find much interesting things in the news this week. So this is the best way I can summerize this article for you guys.

Apparently a 13-year-old and a 11-year-old were at McDonalds when they saw this little girl with long hair. After making friends with her, they cut off several inches from her hair. So then apparently the mom of this little girl sued the two older girls for it. One of the girls, Kaytlen Lopan (the 13-year-old) was sentenced to 276 hours of community service and 30 days in detention.

The other girl was ordered to cut her hair just as short as the little girl's. But then Lopan's mother thought that her daughter's sentence was too harsh and when she complained, the judge ordered that the mother cut off her daughter's ponytail there in the courtroom. The mother relunctantly agreed to cut her daughter's hair inorder to have the community service hours shortened by 150 hours. Apparently the mother says that "an eye for an eye" isn't how you teach kids what's right from wrong.

Now I have several problems with this article. Firstly, where in the world was this little girl's mother when these girls apporched this kid? Secondly why did they cut her hair? Thirdly, did the little girl agree to this haircut or did the older girls do it without the girl's permission? In my opinion, sueing is taking this way too far. If the mother hadn't sued, the two older girls wouldn't have to have their own haircut and they wouldn't be serving any kind of sentences.

But it bugs me because this is not what you do. To me, instead of sueing, the little girl's mother should have gotten the two older girls' parents together and had a chat with them. Instead of letting the governemnt punish them, shouldn't it be the parents who should punish the girls? Lastly, I think that an eye for an eye is okay because its basically showing the girl, "would you like it if someone did this to you?". And that's what happened. Back in time, long long ago, if you killed someone, you were killed. If you stole, you lost your hands.

Personally, I think think the whole thing is ridiculous. Parents and the government alike are get so upset over the littlest things these days. While I admit it was wrong of the girls to do that to the little girl, I think it was overmuch to sue them. The little girl's hair will grow back. Her life isn't over just because some older girls were mean to her. Heck, I was bullied when I was in 1st grade but we didn't sue! We just talked to the principal and the girls were punished.

Anyways, you can read the whole thing for yourself, here. 

Can You Beat a Zombie?

There's new trend spreading across the country, one that's been spreading for a while, but now you can be a zombie or get chased by zombies. "Run For Your Lives" is a face where runners pay to get chased by zombies who also pay to chase the runners.

Zombies get a free makeup job, free beer at the end if they're over 21, and bring their own outfits.
but organizers do their makeup, including pale skin, sunken eyes and fake blood—a mix of corn syrup, cornstarch and food coloring—splashed on their clothes. Adhesive plastic molds and red goo give some zombies gaping wounds. Zombies preparing for the race here lined up to stand in front of a hanging white sheet and have a makeup artist throw handfuls of blood on their backs and chests before they set out to populate a 70-acre course rigged with water pits, log barriers and monkey bars.
The zombies are split into two groups: Chasers who run after racers for their flags, and stumblers are suppose to preform slow movements (like crawling, shuffling, or dragging) to scare runners and take their flags.

Runners on the other hand get to run for their lives through fake blood pools, run under electric fences, and avoid having the zombies steal thier "health flags" (think flag football in a way). Runners who get all their flags stolen are "dead" and can't get awards at the end of the five-kilometer race. Only 20% of the runners make it through with at least one flag left. You can read the whole thing, here.


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