Monday, October 17, 2011

Game Night!- Words!

Okay so here's a really simple and fun game.

Actually I'm putting it into two parts.

One, you have to say the first thing that comes to mind after reading the word. And the next person does the same.

Ex. Fried.
 Person #1: Chicken.
Person #2: cars.

It can be totally random. And this game can last forever.

The second part is where you look at the listed word and you write whatever you comes to mind when you see that word for a minute.

Ex. 2. Corn

Corn is really awesome. It's yellow and fun. It reminds me of sunshine. Corn can get annoying in the fall when it's really tall and you're trying to drive but you can't see around corners because the corn is so high. Or when they are harvesting the corn and deer pop out at you as you're driving. Deer are scary.

Now that you get the idea here's the word: Online. 

Have fun!

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