Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog News- September Issue

I did something very stupid today. So, apparently I had to sign an agreement sheet today at a hair salon to get my eyebrows waxed (they did a very good job by the way) and under the date I put 10-31-11. And I did that because I couldn't remember the date and the lady doing my eyebrows told me that was the date. And I didn't realize this mistake until later. Apparently I need to pay closer attention to the date and go over  how many days are in each month again. Epic fail.

Welcome New Members!
Welcome new members who have joined in the month of September! We love seeing your friendly avie there in the follower box! Last month we had a total of twenty four and this month we jumped to twenty-five. Okay not that much of a jump, but hey, welcome new member!

Posting Schedule:
 Because I've been too busy to read as many books as I'd like, I've changed Mondays to Game Nights. Every Monday I will post some kind of game or a link to a game and I'll post how to play too. The games (if it's hosted by me) will be runned until it's finished or someone wins unless it becomes a never ending game. I don't have any prizes yet, but if you have any suggestions, I'd love to know!

Pen name changed!
Yep, I've changed my pen name here from Peony to Sareh because that's what my actual pen name will be. I haven't told you what my last name pen name will be, but I will if/when I get published!

Reminders from last month:
Wanted- Suggestions 
Did you recently come across an interesting article or piece of news? Do you have a favorite picture/video that inspires you or you think is just awesome? Is there a great site you visit all the time? Or do you have a great idea for a blog post or a topic you would like to see discussed? If you have a suggestion for something or maybe you would even like to do/see a blog post on something, please let me know though either the facebook page, the contact form at the bottom of the About page, or by emailing me (email address at the bottom of the About page).

Resource Tab
Because it's already getting pretty long and so far I've only added books and websites to it, I was wondering if I should add a category for individual pages? I'm not sure if this new category would be organized at all. So what do you think?

Wanted- Writing Ideas and Prompts
My brain isn't great with coming up good ideas, so if you have any writing prompts or ideas you'd like to share, please do so! Or maybe you have a funny story or something random/cool, that works too. Maybe a picture or video?

Yes! We finally have a facebook page! If you haven't liked it so far, please do so! Remember that you can post suggestions and other stuff on it if you'd like but just remember to keep it clean and safe. No swearing or anything with offensive stuff. I'll try my best to keep it updated with blog posts from here and news or whatever else.

Stats: Cause they're interesting. 
Most of these are arranged by top five.

Members: 25

Top pageviews:
The History and Usage of Codes.: 90 (Jeez!)
Interesting Facts- Scoliosis: 11
Writing Tips- Character Sheet- 11
Yes, American Presidents were Strange People! (Part I): 11
Aztecs and Incas: How We're More Alike than We Realize (Part 2): 10

Page Views:
Post Archive: 8
About: 5
Resources: 3
Writing Prompts: 2

Referring Sites: I like to see where my blog shows up and so far I've found some very weird sites. One is a opensocial account that I can't get to, one is a job site ( and I have NO IDEA where my blog is listed on it or why...Another is called and once again, where and why?

Search Keywords (always interesting):
Letter Codes: 10
Secret Code Alphabet: 7
us citizenship sample: 4
george washington during the revolutionary war facts: 3
scoliosis fun facts: 3

Countries that have visited me!
United States: 663
United Kingdom: 35
Australia: 21
Canada: 14
Philippines: 14

Featured Sites/Pages: (The sites will be found on the Resources tab too)
One Word - It gives you one word and sixty seconds to write anything that comes to mind about the word. 
Word Dynamo- A fun site related to words, powered by
Writing Forward- 42 Tips for Novelists
Writer's Digest- 25 tips to improve your writing in 30 minutes every day
12 do's and don'ts for introducing characters



  1. That's a lot of views!

    Why do you have to sign an agreement to have your eyebrows waxed? I get mine done and they don't really ask anything.

  2. I know!

    I'm...not really sure. I glanced at it and it was something about agreeing not to get a tan or go lot into a lot of sunlight for 24 hours after the wax. Maybe they've been sued because people got their eyebrows waxed, went out into the sun, and then got a sunburn?

  3. I can't imagine the point in suing for getting a sunburn! Suing is for serious stuff like being made to pay large sums to a salon just to keep your personal information safe or something. Not because you got a sunburn after getting a wax.

    Anyway, it's not waxing itself which will give you a sunburn. It's the fact that your skin is so sensitive after being waxed that you're more likely to burn. You'd thinking someone would know this!

  4. I know! I heard this one story several years ago where one guy sued his neighbor because his neighbor's tree had some of it's branches hanging into his yard. Have you ever seen Weird Al's song about suing?

    Indeed. And if you're worried about getting a sunburn, there's something special called sunscreen! Lather it on, don't stay out too long in the sun, and you won't have to worry about sunburns in the first place.


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