Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In the News- Cat has Two Faces and "The Simpsons" at risk.

Okay so neither is really news but I thought that they were interesting.

Actually, I don't care about the Simpsons, because I don't ever watch it and I think it's stupid, but I thought that  some of you might care. Apparently everyone but me and two of my friends watch it. According to "everybody" whoever that is.

Mass. Cat with 2 Faces Lives 12 Years and Sets New Record
According to this Yahoo! post, a cat named Frank and Louie was born with two faces, two mouthsm two noses, and three eyes twelve years ago. The amazing cat has just become a part of the 2012 version of the Guinness World Records for the longest-surviving member of a cat group called Janus after the Roman god with two faces.

The vat was meant to be euthanized when he was a day old but his owner offered to take him home despite that he may not live wrong. Clearly, he proved them wrong.

Janus cats almost never survive, and most have congenital defects, including a cleft palate that makes it difficult for them to nurse and often causes them to slowly starve or get milk in their lungs and die of pneumonia. The condition is the result of a genetic defect that triggers excessive production of a certain kind of protein.
But Frank and Louie did not suffer from most of the common Janus problems. Stevens used feeding tubes to nourish him for three months, hoping that would also save him from the danger of choking on food going down two mouths.
It turned out she didn't have to worry about him choking, because Frank and Louie used just one of his mouths to eat.
"The condition itself is very rare, and I think that the fact that this cat became an adult, a healthy adult, is remarkable," said Dr. Armelle deLaforcade, an associate professor at Cummings and head of the emergency services section.
Frank and Louie's two faces both have interesting features, both noses work but because only one mouth doesn't have a lower jaw and isn't connected to his esophagus, he has too eat with one mouth. He can only see out of two of three years, and the middle one doesn't blink. So, the cat might appear somewhat creepy. But despite all the odds and his interesting condition, the cat has a nice personality.

The breed is known for its soft and silky fur, docile temperament and penchant for relaxing in a person's arms like a rag doll.

He is "very, very laid back, not afraid of people, very friendly and he's actually more of a dog than a cat," Stevens (the owner) said. "He walks on a leash, he goes right in the car; he loves car rides." 

The Simpsons may not make it to 2012.
As I said before, I don't really care about this show, but some of you might. According to another Yahoo! article, the longest running prime-time, scripted in TV history, may not air anymore due to financial cuts to the voice actor's salaries. Instead of their 8 million dollar salaries, the voice actors would be expected to be payed only 4 million.

 Apparently, they don't think 4 million is enough to get by on.

They might just have to work at McDonalds to make extra cash and sell their privately owed beach house.

Actually, I'm kidding about that, I have no idea if they have a private beach house or not, but you get the point. I'd love to get 4 million, it's better than nothing.

At least they have a job.

Cat with 2 faces

So, what do you think about these two articles?



  1. That's what I was thinking. I would gladly be in the Simpsons for even 10% of what they get. I just need money and I think celebrities need to realise that just because they don't have regular jobs doesn't mean they need to act like it. $1,000,000 is surely enough to get by in a year right? In fact, give me $2,000,000 and I'd just retire after a few years into the English countryside.

  2. I know, right! At least they're not jobless and living on the streets! They should be thankful they'll be getting at least 4 mill.

    I think 1 mill is more than enough to get by on a year, now if I had that kind of money I'd go and buy that speech-to-text converter program I saw the other day and buy it. :D Okay it wasn't that expensive, but it was enough to make me want to save up my money.

  3. In this financial climate, I think most people would be happy to be earning 1 Mill. I don't really blame them though. If you could get away with earning 8Mill, would you do it?

    I think I would.But I'd then retire after a few years

  4. True. If I could get away with 8 Mill, I'd so do it. I mean, who'd pass up 8 Mill?

    But I seriously don't know what I'd do with 8 mill. I'd probably put it somewhere safe, retire, and be afraid to spend it.

  5. No one. lol!

    I'd invest it to make more and then eventually help people less fortunate than me.

  6. That's a good idea. :) I think if I had enough money, I'd like to do something like that. Maybe I'd sponsor children in other countries. My school does it, they sponsor a child in Central America.


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