Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Historical Facts- Causes of the American Revolution

If you've live in the US long enough, I'm certain you've heard of the American Revolution at least once. If you don't live in the US you still may have heard of it. In any case, in short, the American Revolution was in the late 1700s (1750s -1780s, or around that time period) when the 13 Enligh Colonies rebelled against the British Government and formed the United States of America.

So today, since I'm studying this subject in school right now, I will share some causes of the American Revolution with you. If you already know these congratulations. You're getting a review of them. If you don't, well that's okay too.

General Causes

  • Taxes placed on the Colonists to pay war debts (Britain had had four wars by the time of the Revolution, mostly with France). 
  • Protests turned to rebellion.
  • Differences in Colonial governments (some were headed by elected people, other by people elected by the king, and others by companies).
  • Taxation without representation.
  • Enlightenment ideas (the Enlightenment was this time period of great learning and thinking). 
  • Patriot leaders emerged.
  • Committees of correspondences (basically, these committees that the colonies set up to help make choices that the king really wouldn't do since he was so far off). 
  • Coercive Acts
  • Intolerable Acts
  • Organized boycotts
Specific Causes
  • 1757- French Indian war (called the Seven Years war in Europe because even though the war in the colonies ended several years before, the actual war in Europe went on a couple years longer). Was the 4th war between France and Great Britain and raised Great Britain's national debt by twice.
  • 1763- Sugar Act, taxes placed on items.
  • 1765- Quartering Act- Colonists had to provide food and shelter to British troops. 
  • 1765- Stamp Act- Tax on all printed materials
  • 1765 (wow a lot happened this year!)- Sons of Liberty (a group of American Patriots)- Tore down offices of Stamp Act collectors.
  • 1767- Townshed Acts- Put new taxes on everyday items.
  • 1770- Boston Massacre- soldiers killed five colonists.
  • 1773- Boston Tea Party- Dressed as Indians (Native Americans), Patriot leaders dumped tea into the ocean. 
  • First Continental Congress- Delegates sent from most of the colonies who apposed Parliament. 
So there ya go. Have you learned a lot about the American Revolution? For those living in Great Britain, I want to know, what are you taught about the American Revolution (if you're taught about it at all, I think you would be, but one can never be too sure)? Does your people view it with bitterness or not? Obviously, American take pride in it, but how do the British feel about it?


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