Monday, October 10, 2011

Writing Prompt #1

So I've decided to give you some writing prompts every Monday. In each session we'll look at pictures at help you visual settings and stuff, a vague description of a character, and some other stuff.

Things to think about:

  • Where could this place be?
  • Why would our character(s) be there?
  • Describe this picture using your five senses.
Character help
Here I'll give you a description of two or more characters and you have to decide how they could fit into a story. 

Character #1: A woman with blonde hair with streaks of blue. Is wearing a pink top and a black skirt and wears suede boots. She comes from a family of six, has a dog, goes to college, works at a library. Has a secret. 

Character #2: A young man after his job as a cop goes every day into a bookstore and reads superhero books. When he gets home he eats whatever he has left in his fridge. Currently he is working on a case that he can't crack. He has black hair swept to the left and wears an empty promise ring. 

So using what I've given you about these characters and a setting, can you come up with a plot idea for this? Are the characters related somehow? Will they run into each other at some point and time? What is the woman's secret? Why does the man wear an empty promise ring?

Be creative and post and ideas or suggestions in the comments! (Aka, was this helpful at all?)


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