Monday, October 31, 2011

A Scary Story in time for Halloween!


So, I wrote a short story a couple months back and it's not exactly scary but it's kinda creepy. I've decided to share it with you tonight, but you can also read it on Inkpop, here. And by the way, it's copyrighted, so don't get any ideas.

In A Tree by Sareh
Little Susie stared up at the dark grey tree, mirroring a lighter gray sky. Bloated, fat rain drops splattered on Susie's clothing in on her face. The teardrops from heaven drenched everything within sight. But Susie didn't care, she had more important things to think about. A small cry emitted from a bundle sitting among the leaveless branches. Susie frowned, she wished the baby would be quiet. Wanting to stop the child's warning, the six-year-old sang to calm her little brother.

As Susie started her treck home, twenty-two-year-old Claire Benningfords rode her bike in the central park. She did not notice a young girl exiting the park alone. Claire fought to control her bike, the wind sure was getting stronger. Normally in this weather, she would be curled up next to her husband-to-be drinking cocoa, but with the stress of their wedding tomorrow, Henry had made her get some exersice. So now as she rode her bike underneath a nondescript tree, she daydreamed of her perfect wedding.

But a strong gust of wind slammed into Claire and nearly knocked her over. As she screamed and fought to control her bike, something heavy, wet, and soft hit her head. The next thing she knew, a blanket of some sort was covering her head! She panicked as a feral cry sounded, and her bike hit something that resulted in a cracking sound. As Claire was thrown from her bike and into the bushes, she felt a sharp pain in her skull and knew no more.

Three days later. December 18th, 6: 32 pm. Thursday evening news. 
“Today this morning, a young mother and her baby were found dead in Central Park. The baby was found with his neck broken near a tree, while his mother was found a mile away drowned in the river. Invesitgators speculate that the mother killed her baby and then killed herself. If you have any information, please call the number at the bottom of your screen,” a pretty newsreporter said.
“In related news, a young woman by the name of Claire Benningfords was reported missing this morning after going for a bike ride and then having not returned. Her fiancee says that she may have ridden near the park or near the Starbucks on 6th Street. If you have any information please call the number here located at the bottom of your screen,” another young male reporter said.
Little Susie sat on the couch where her mother had been murdered months eailer. She grinned with happiness as she watched faze one of her plan come true. Now for the next part.
“Susie?” the voice of the annoying Social Worker came from the kitchen.
Susie scowled, why did he intrupt her now?
“Yes?” she answered.
“Have you seen your brother? It's time to go now,” the Social Worker asked as he held her suitcase.
Susie smiled innocently at him. “No I haven't. Why?” She turned back to the news and sang softly.
Rock a bye baby in a tree top
when the wind blows, a baby will drop

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