Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In the News- Columbia College Chicago : Young Authors

Columbia College Chicago : Young Authors:

Okay, so not really news, but I thought that some of you might be interested.

The college's fiction writing department has a writing competition every year. It began as a local contest in 1995 and grew to a national contest.

So if you're a 9th-12th grade student you can enter two manuscripts or WIPs in each of these three catagories: creative nonfiction, fiction, and/or short plays.

They are only accepting electonic submissions this year and the submission time is between Nov. 21, 2011 to Jan. 16, 2011. Submissions can't be accepted before or after those dates.

First place wins $200 dollars, second place wins $100, and third place wins $50. And the winning enteries will be published in Columbia's High School Institute anthology.

For more information, visit the link at the top. I know I'll be entering this year, will you? And if so, what will you be entering?



  1. That's an awesome contest for teens! And once again, it sucks to not live in the US.

  2. I know, right! I'm excited for it but I'm not sure which of my WIPs I should enter and what part. I wish I knew how many people were going to enter.

    Yeah it does cause then you couldn't enter the contest. Do you live outside the US?

  3. Enter the ones you think are the best?

    Yep. The UK. We have a lot of competitions here but they cost to enter so I usually don't.

  4. True, I know, but there's two that I love. I'm thinking of entering my science fiction thriller , Night Lies, because everyone who's read it so far loves it.

    I see. That stinks, I wouldn't enter a contest I have to pay for either unless it wasn't really expensive, like 10 dollars or less.


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