Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In the News- There's many things tonight!

Two proposals caught on camera.
On one news show, a weather-woman's boyfriend proposed to her while on air. As she was giving the weather forecast, her boyfriend suddenly showed up in a tux and popped the question. The surprised woman said yes and they proceeded to kiss while another lady's voice could be heard saying that they met at church. Aw.

In another proposal, a cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans was surprised during a football game when her boyfriend, dressed as Santa, paid her a visit. During a routine preformed during the halftime in a game against New Orleans, her boyfriend proposed. Another aw.

You can see the weather-woman's here and the cheerleader's here.

Cat gained millions

A cat, named Tommaso, inherited a $13 million fortune from a weathly widow of an Italian property tycoon. Maria Assunta died two weeks ago without any children and wanting to see the former stray of Rome taken care of, she left him her fortune. Her nurse, Stefania, now takes care of the rick kitty in a unknown location and says she didn't know the old lady had that much money. All she really knew was that the lady suffered from loniness.

This new founded riches places the cat at No. 3 on the list of top wealthy pets. He is behind Kalu the chimp who was left with $80 million and the dog Gunther IV, a german shepard who inherited $372 million from his father Gunther III. You can read the whole article here.

Extreme weight loss 
One woman three years ago went on a mission to lose weight and has succeeded in losing 282 pounds. Before she weighted over 500 pounds and after having trouble walking and getting up from things, not the mention not being able to drive because she couldn't fit behind the wheel.

She is on Weight Watchers and is on her mission with her mother who is also trying to lose weight with her daughter. The woman says she'd like to weight under 200 pounds. Congratulations to her for being determined and for being such an inspiration! You can watch the whole video here.

Treasure trove

43-year old Tanja Höls, works as the janitor at the library in Passau, Bavaria, who has recently discovered a treasure trove of ancient silver coins and medals worth as much as six figures. Not only did the find happen to coincide with the libary's 400th anniversary, but it is a great find for the world.
The library believes that the collection of 172 well-preserved coins likely belonged to Passau's prince-bishops. Wennerhold suspects that they were hidden there around 1803 during Germany's secularization, when such church assets were transferred to the state. They may have wanted to keep them out of the hands of tax officials.
The coins date back from sometime between the Roman Empire and Napoleon's rule. Markus Wennerhold suspects that the most valuable will be decorative medals from the Baroque era. The money was probably forgotten because past library works didn't know their value and that none of the current workers knew they were there. This week the library will release photos of each coin and next year they will be put on display. The library was founded in 1612 as a Jesuit college and claims to be home to one of the oldest book collections in Germany. You can read the whole thing here.

Woman buried alive frees herself with ring.
One woman was buried alive by her fiancee in what he says was a "harmless prank." The woman was put into a cardboard box and then buried on a hill near her home. She managed to free herself by digging out with her engagement ring. You can watch the whole video here.

Boy outsmarts his captors.
Kevin Lunsmann, 14, is an american who outsmarted a suspected al Qaeda-linked group, escaping after being held hostage in a jungle in the Philippines. After convincing his captors he was going to take a bath in a stream, he bolted and was lost for two days before being founded by villagers. Eailer, his mother and cousin were also held hostage but his mother's ransom was paid and his cousin was rescued in a raid on another group. He is now reunited with his family and hopes to be home in time for the holidays. You can read the whole thing here.


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